Think the holidays are over just because the presents have been unwrapped, the tree taken down, and the champagne headache cured? Think again. January is brimming with reasons to celebrate, and after being bound by the (wonderful, delightful, amazing … exhausting, stressful, neurotic) traditions of Christmas, the whimsy of a new year’s holiday may be just what we need. Try one of these on for size, and create a new favorite holiday with your kiddos in 2014.


January 4th: National Trivia Day
Forget calling it “National Trivia Day,” and start calling it “I’m a Freaking SUPER Mom Day.” This is your chance to turn the tables on those little Alex Trebeks in the backseat and their million-and-one questions a minute!  Start your day by cruising by the Original Waffle House in Avondale Estates (tours can be scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays) en route to waffle heaven at an operating Waffle House (Did you know that they serve 341 strips of bacon, 238 orders of hash browns, and 145 waffles per MINUTE at Waffle Houses across the nation?), then head over to the Georgia Aquarium for a super-charged data dump (Did you know that this is the world’s largest aquarium? And they have 120,000 animals here? That Beluga whales eat 40-60 pounds of fish a day?). Wrap it up at the aquarium and lace up for an afternoon of ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park (Did you know that there are two types of ice skating – speed skating and figure skating? And that the blade of ice skates were once made out of animal bones? And that the Zamboni machine doesn’t just sweep the ice, but actually heals it by spraying water into the cracks that then freezes again?).

Aquarium By the end of National Trivia Day, you and your kids will be exhausted, and your status as a superhero will be secure for another year.


January 8th: National Bubble Bath Day
Let’s face it. We could all use a nice lounge in a bubble bath after the official holiday season has ended. And while it would be nice to think that we could keep our kids entertained in our own bathtubs at home for an entire day of getting-things-done-around-the-house bliss, we know what we’re working with here. So, follow the spirit of the law, if not the letter of the law, by kicking off National Bubble Bath Day at one of the following indoor water parks. Cap it all off with a nice hot bubble bath at home.

Bethesda Park Aquatic Center, 225 Bethesda Church Rd., Lawrenceville, Georgia, 678-924-6334

Bogan Park Aquatic Center, 2723 North Bogan Road, Buford, Georgia, 770-614-2063

South Cobb Aquatic Center, 875 Six Flags Drive, Austell, Georgia, 770-739-3180


January 18th: National Thesaurus Day
Celebrate Peter Roget’s birthday with your kids by taking them on a scavenger hunt around town. Print off a picture of the KFC Big Chicken in Marietta and tell them to keep their eyes peeled for the landmark, while amazing them with all the various words that also mean “BIG” (colossal, enormous, gigantic, hefty, ample, mondo, etc.).  Eat your lunch inside the belly of that beast, then provide them with their next destination: a picture of the cannon installment at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. While you hike up the mountain, pepper them with antonyms of “WAR” (peace, harmony, friendship, truce, goodwill). As you’re surveying the Atlanta topography from the top of the mountain, hand over the final destination: a picture of your home. Let the kiddos come up with words that they think describe their home, and be sure to take credit for all the good ones.


Already have your own way of celebrating National Trivia Day, National Bubble Bath Day, or National Thesaurus Day? Turn one of the following holidays into your own masterpiece, and tell us how you did it!

January 5th: Bird Day

January 7th: Old Rock Day

January 14th: National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 25th: National Opposite Day

January 31st: Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

—Shelley Massey

Photos courtesy of the Waffle House Museum, Georgia Aquarium via Facebook, Centennial Olympic Park via Facebook, and Creative Commons via Flickr