Something about crisp, fall air just makes you want to pack up the kids and hit the road. If you are looking for an easy trip to enjoy the season, try trucking over to Chattanooga. It’s a mere 100 miles from Atlanta—meaning you can probably make it to the outskirts of the Scenic City before you even have to put on another movie in the DVD player or any massive meltdowns ensue. The area has lots to offer: beautiful scenery, yummy eats, and attractions to intrigue all ages. Check out our hot spots for a cool, fall weekend in Chattanooga.

Lunch at Good Dog

Housemade ketchup, Chicago-style neon-green relish, and garlic cream cheese are just a few of the toppings featured in the many options on the menu of this cute hot-dog shop (the dogs themselves are all-beef or vegetarian, the buns from a local bakery). Pair it with a paper cone of Belgian-style frites (the tables have clever holes cut in them to hold the cones), and wash it all down with a locally made soda.
34 Frazier Ave.
Chattanooga, TN

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—Jessica Harlan

Photos courtesy of Tasty Daylight Donuts via Facebook, Tennessee Aquarium via Facebook, Creative Discovery Museum via Facebook, The Blue Plate via Facebook, Good Dog via Facebook, Raccoon Mountain Caverns via Facebook, the Chattanooga Choo Choo via Facebook and Creative Commons via Flickr