So you’ve decided it’s time for your little one to take part in an important rite of passage—their first Atlanta Braves game. Don’t expect them (or you) to get much game watching done, but teaching them the the love of the experience is the name of the game. Before you go, get prepared by checking out our tips and tricks for taking tots Turner Field. Baseball Picture 1 Make Them Part of the Action It’s important to involve your little one in the action. Children three and older require a seat and although, let’s be honest, they will probably spend the majority of their time squirming in your lap this can make them feel like they are truly participating in the experience. Be sure to sign up for the Atlanta Brave’s kid’s club for special savings and get the inside track on special family game nights plus VIP access to run the bases. Choose the Right Game Time You know your bitty best, so choose a game time that will keep them at their best. Click here to see a complete schedule. You don’t want a melt down at the bottom half of the 9th inning with bases loaded. So, if your little one is a night owl you may want to consider an evening game. Hey, If they’re up anyway, why not? On the other hand, if your sweet princess turns into a frog at sundown you may be better off with an afternoon game. On most Sundays, kids ages 4 to 14 are invited onto the field after the game to run the bases just like a professional ballplayer so Sunday is always a home run. BravesFB Teach Them About the Game The more information they have the more engaged your little sluggers will be. Prepare at home, start a couple days before the game. Play a mock game and teach basic rules, then reinforce them when you get to the field. While you’re watching explain what is happening on the field. Kids want to be included, so when it’s time to cheer, (or boo) let them follow you’re lead and soon enough you’ll have a baseball fan for life! Be Prepared to Go Exploring To break the monotony for your kiddo take them exploring for the seventh inning stretch. With spots like Sky Field (a 22,000 square foot fan attraction that sits atop the outfield roof), Scouts Alley and the Taco Mac Family Zone full of action, there are plenty of sights to see that are not on the field. Click here for a complete list of activities to explore. Even the crowded bathroom may be an exciting new spot! You might have to do this a few times throughout the game. Preventing tantrums is the key. Hint: if there’s another adult with you, take turns so both of you can see at least part of the game. Dress in Layers Depending on the time of day and where your seats are, the stadium may be super chilly or crazy hot. That’s why it’s so important to dress your little fan appropriately. Layer, layer, layer and bring extra clothes if need be. You don’t want your rug rat to be without a sweatshirt when the sun goes down or stuck with short sleeves when the sun is at its hottest. If you can spring for it, the Lexus Level offers cover from the rain and air conditioning for tots that meltdown in extreme heat. Braves Game 1 B.Y.O.B. Kids love to eat and stadium treats may not be appropriate depending on their age. Plus game day grub can get pricey. For a snack that’s more accessible and wallet friendly try bringing your own. And don’t forget the bottle for baby! Extra water can come in handy if it’s a hot day. Make sure you pack a lot of nosh to curb your little one’s hunger—the game may go into extra innings and you could be there awhile. BravesFB2 Have you taken your tot to a ball game? Tell us your secrets to success below!

—Jessica Obenschain

Photos courtesy of the author, The Atlanta Braves via Facebook and  spence77 on Creative Commons via Flickr