Things We Are Looking Forward to in 2021

Not everything went sideways in 2020, but there were enough challenges to our normal lives that we can confidently say that 2021 is going to be the year to celebrate a return to normal. Which is insanely wonderful. Keep reading for the top things we’re looking forward to in 2021.

Sending Our Kids to School

While some districts and all private schools have figured out the magic system to allow kids return safely to the classroom in 2020, thousands of families experienced a very different (virtual) reality. It’s fair to say that we’ll all—parents and kids, alike—cherish the first day of school in 2021.

Birthday Parties

While we were pretty genius during the pandemic with our quarantine-friendly birthday parties, it’s fair to say that the idea of sending out an invitation to every kid in your child’s class (plus siblings!) is really, really refreshing.

Going to the Beach During Holidays

With the summer holidays, spring break, and fall breaks turning into a should-we-or-shouldn’t-we situation as it related to Covid, the idea of having a normal trip to the beach—whether on the 4th of July or October 15th—is thrilling.

Visiting with Loved Ones Everywhere

One of the hardest things of 2020 was the separation we felt—from neighbors, friends, and especially family. We can’t wait to find ways to spend time together as multigenerational families in 2021.

Going to a Concert

Family-friendly music festivals, live music on patios, or even the (gasp) rare date night that ends in a dive bar with great live music is definitely on our radar this coming year.

Attending a College Football Game

Soooo, we’re in Atlanta, which means everyone reading this probably went to a different college. But. While we can’t agree on our favorite teams, we can agree that it’s hellafun to support them by going to a game, instead of rocking the 2020 version of paper football at our kitchen tables. And in 2021, we’re all hoping for the best seasons ever.

Going into the Office (Really)

Right. So. Weird, no? We really do actually, maybe, kind of miss the water cooler talk, the closed door (without anyone naked and 2 feet tall barging in demanding Froot Loops), and the structure. We know everyone’s totally killed it at working from home in 2020, but we’re pretty sure that 2021 is going to mean epic times in the office.

Going to the Movies

Popcorn. Buttery popcorn. Reclining seats. Darkness. Noone needing you. The movies. Can we all just take a moment to imagine how great it will be to pay an arm and a let in the movie theatre for a new release?

Taking the Kids to a Performance

Remember The Fox? Cobb Performing Arts Centre? The Alliance Theatre? There are so many incredible live-performance options in Atlanta that there’s no doubt we will be buying season tickets for many of them in 2021.

Meeting Family & Friends at a Restaurant for Brunch

While we may never feel comfortable sitting in a crowded atrium waiting to be called to a table for our party of 12 again (let’s be fair… that wasn’t that fun, anyways), we are looking forward to a new year with possibilities for dining—even during the busiest part of the day—with our kids, somewhere fun.

Attending Assemblies—School, Church, & Even, yes, Work

While it may take a little getting used to, it’s going to be awesome to know where the belts and shoes are to every kid (because you use them weekly, at least), so that you can head right on over to a school assembly, a church service, or to a family-friendly work function. Being together in a crowd, even for a loose assemble, is kind of going to rock.

Planning a Trip and Expecting It to Happen

Oh, 2021, please, please be the year that we can book a trip with no concern over whether travel bans will be in place when it’s actually time to get on a plane. We’ve loved our drivable destinations, but sometime’s a family’s gotta fly.

—Shelley Massey

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