Myth no more. We’ve found the perfect man—and you don’t even have to give up your husband. Meet Thomas the Train(er), a dynamic wellness guru whose sole mission is to help you reach your fitness goals, cook nutritious meals for your entire family, and motivate you to be a better friend, partner, mom, and all-around rock star. Read on for everything you need about the Atlanta Fitness Chef. We’ll even share his number!

Healthy You, Happy You

Wanting to get in shape is about more than fitting into a favorite dress. We’re happier when we feel good, and we feel good when we’re healthy. Thomas is a Certified Personal Trainer who started working out the way most of us do—in his spare time and when he could fit it in. But he quickly realized there was a need for fitness coaches that built people up (and we’re not just talking about muscles here) rather than discourage them, and his fitness programs reflect his dedication to improving his clients’ lives (not just their BMIs). Offering in-studio one-on-one training, in-home personal training, or in-home group training, his workouts are personalized, challenging, and efficient.

He Cooks, You Say?

Yes. Thomas cooks. A classically trained chef—originally from Switzerland—who believes that what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we do with them, Thomas offers customized family nutrition analysis and several prepared meal options for his clients. Just had a baby but not ready to dive into a workout program yet? He can help. Working out like crazy but still eating the crusts off those PB&Js for lunch? He can fix that. With options that range from meal delivery services to in-home meal prep (he’ll cook for about 2 hours and you’ll have 2-3 weeks worth of individually packaged frozen meals), Thomas is as comfortable in the kitchen as he is in the gym.

But I’m a Busy Parent

We know. Parents of toddlers are an unique crowd. Our little people never get tired of asking us to do things for, with, or about them. And while we may wish there were a few more hours in the day for us time, we generally love doing things for, with, and about them. Thomas gets that. That’s why he recommends turning playtime (they love the undivided attention) into workout time. Here’s how he suggests turning 30 minutes of play with your kids into a muscle-building cardio blast:

  1. Play Ball: In between bounce passes, kicks, or rolls back and forth, do a set of burpees to get your heart rate up and burn around 1.5 calories per set. You’ll also work your core, upper body, and lower body.
  2. Jump Rope: Playing second fiddle only to running in terms of caloric burn, jumping rope works practically every muscle in your body. Have a contest with your kids to see who can jump the longest without tripping up.
  3. Primal Movements: The kids will love walking like a bear, doing the crab crawl, or lumbering around the back yard like a gorilla—all of which are no-equipment workouts that blast hard-to-reach bulges by targeting forgotten muscles.

How Much Does This Magic Cost?

Thomas meets with all potential clients for the first time for free, where you can expect to spend 45 minutes to 1.5 hours doing a physical assessment and talking about your goals. Following your initial consultation, you can opt to purchase training a la carte for $90/ hour-long session or $50/ 30-minute session. Or, you could purchase a package of 8 or more classes at a discount. If you opt for at-home sessions, private, hour-long sessions cost between $120-$150, but can be split among multiple people who want to work out together and at the same time. For Thomas to prepare food in your own kitchen, you can expect to pay around $325 for 2-3 weeks of fresh food—individually packed and frozen in your freezer. Meal delivery services are priced based on menu and frequency of delivery.

Atlanta Fitness Chef
Sandy Springs Body Works Studio
Sandy Springs, Ga 30328

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—Shelley Massey