Get ready to turn your usual playground rotation upside down. There’s a new one in town, and it’s a doozie. Chastain Park’s $2.8 million renovation of the well-loved but tired (is it just us or does this resonate with anyone else?) playground just north of West Wieuca is complete, and the park is ready for action. Read on to find out what we love about it.


Photo: S. Massey

Play All Day

For those of us who grew up in the ‘80s, the old Chastain Playground seemed pretty solid. But consult a couple dozen of today’s kids—like the Conservancy did before they drew up the plans for the new playground—and all of a sudden you find yourself wondering how you ever dragged yourself out of bed without giant oodle swings, climbing walls, and racing slides to look forward to. And the new 40,000 square-foot Chastain Playground has all of that, plus your favorite structures from the older playground, too.


Photo: Chastain Park Conservancy

Make Some Noise

They’re kids, they like to make a racket, and we love Chastain Playground the most for celebrating this simple fact. In addition to the laughter and happy kid sounds you’ll hear, the playground is complete with an outdoor piano, drums, and chimes.


Photo: S. Massey

Get Back to Nature

Have you ever found yourself wondering where they put all the trees at some playgrounds? Apparently, they’re all at Chastain. Nestled into six acres of wooded hills and grassy playing areas, the playground includes plenty of boulders and tree stumps to entice even the most grass stain averse parents and kids—not to mention a tree house that will make every dad’s back yard aspirations seem attainable.


Photo: Chastain Park Conservancy

Nuts and Bolts: Bathrooms, Shade, and Safety

The playground’s new pavilion not only offers shelter from the swelter, but it is also home to brand-new restrooms. Additionally, the Conservancy recognized the need for a fence between the playground’s grassy fields and North Wieuca’s traffic and build a wooden-railed fence to keep the kiddos where they should be. And the entire playground is wheelchair accessible.

Chastain Pavillion

Photo: Chastain Park Conservancy

Let’s Party: Grand Opening and Support

Don’t miss the Playground’s official Grand Opening on March 19, 2016, where you can enjoy food, drinks, entertainment, and the company of probably everyone you know. And because we know you’ll love the new playground so much, here’s how you can personalize a paver for the playground’s new path in honor of anyone you’d like to honor.

135 W Wieuca Road NW (between Lake Forrest Drive & Pool Road)

—Shelley Massey