Let’s be real: who’s the one person who made summer break completely awesome for the whole family? Mom, right? With summer quickly winding down, we’ll soon be saying hello to fall. So what better time than now to help Mom out for once!

For the entire month of August, we invite you to submit your posts that focus on all the ways to help Mom. Give us your favorite feel-good stories, and definitely your best advice and hacks. Our editors will select three original posts based on the quality of writing, originality and number of page views received. Winners will each earn $100.

Here are a few general topics you can play off of:

  • Advice & hacks to make Mom’s life easier
  • Back-to-school prep ideas (we Moms need all the help we can get!)
  • Self-care stories that inspire Mom to be kind to herself
  • Organization tips to help Mom with her family or around the house
  • Balance tips to help moms who work inside or outside of the home
  • Phrases you love to hear as a mom—or that you love saying to new & seasoned moms
  • 1st person essays about moments when you’ve been helped by others, and the wisdom and perspective you gained

Here are a few headline ideas for inspiration:

  • Why This One Parenting Mantra Helps Me Most in the Moment
  • 15 Kind, Helpful Things People Told Me as a New Mom
  • What Happened When Our Family Tried These School Morning Hacks
  • When I Did These Ingenious Dad Hacks, They Helped Mom the Most
  • Shortcuts I’ve Learned That Actually Make Balancing Work & Home Pretty Easy and Fun

Submit your August story today! For this challenge, use the article code “#August2017” when submitting. Remember, to be eligible for the prize, you must submit an original post.

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Do you have a previously-published post you’d like to share on Spoke? We want to read it! While previously-published stories are not eligible to receive payment for our monthly challenge, we’d love to include it on Spoke and possibly share it with our readers. Any questions? Email us at spoke@redtri.com. We’re excited to share your stories!