Your kiddo spent all day keeping herself under control and following rules, rules, and more rules. Now that she’s at home, it’s time to let loose (creatively, that is)! And here’s some good news—your pint-sized Picasso doesn’t need a full-on art lesson in order to get crafty. Instead, check out 10 of our favorite, super-simple ideas that can turn after-school time into an imaginative adventure in no time. See them all below.

Pipe Cleaners and Peg Dolls

Peg dolls are a super-easy crafts for kids to make. And they get to play with them too. Yay! All you need are markers, modeling clay and a few pipe cleaners to turn blank pegs into fab little friends. Check out how Mini Monets and Mommies made interchangeable clay wigs and pipe cleaner clothes.

How do you keep your artists active after school? No trade secrets allowed! Tell us in the comments section below. 

—Erica Loop