If the words “pick up your dirty laundry,” are on a constant loop, welcome to the club. Keep your daily routine in order and chart a course for clean this summer. We’ve picked 10 of our favorites chore charts that range from toddler to teen, and electronic to seasonal. A few are free, and a few can be purchased for a nominal fee. And really, isn’t a few bucks worth paying to keep our sanity in check? Click through the slideshow below to see them all.

Digital by Design

If you want to go digital, Stridepost—a new motivational app—is a good option. The app's dashboard is easy to navigate: It includes a family calendar and message wall, a to-do tracker, which allows kids to check off completed jobs and tasks (or add their own), and an allowance tracker that tallies up points earned for each chore completed. One of the coolest features is the ability to decide on rewards in advance—like a night out at the movies, or additional screen time—and create an online store of sorts. Your kids can redeem, or save, their hard-earned points as they see fit.

Available on iTunes and GooglePlay. The first 90 days are free, $49.99 for the rest of the year, or continue to use for free with limited access.


Does your family use chore charts to help teach responsibility? Tell us which are your favorite!

— Gabby Cullen & Leah R. Singer


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