There’s a reason lakes take the cake in the summer time. Sparkling water, gentle waves and the absence of jellies and crabs make a perfect low-key vacation spot for families with bitty bums in tow. Flip through the gallery to discover 13 fresh bodies of water to dip your toes in this summer.

Lake George – New York

Thomas Jefferson described it as "...without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw.” It’s no wonder that the jet-setters of the 1900’s built their “cottages” on the shores of Lake George. With it’s location in the Adirondacks, the plentitude of quaint towns around its shores, and the abundance of old fashioned family entertainment (think mini-golf, fishing, and horseback riding), Lake George today is as fun a destination as it is a beautiful one. Lodging options abound but if you’re looking for a little excitement, check out the nearby Ridin-Hy Dude Ranch.


Photo: Kathleen Conklin via flickr 

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—Shelley Massey