Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 12th, 2019, which means you’re running out of time to get or make an excellent gift for the woman who gave you life.

Now, with two little ones, I don’t usually expect much for Mother’s Day. My hubby will often pick me up some flowers and something I mentioned wanting but would never buy for myself, and my oldest daughter will make me something out of construction paper and elbow macaroni, but that’s about it. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not complaining about it. I treasure every elbow macaroni craft, but sometimes you end up hoping for something a little more … well, awesome.

With that in mind, as Mother’s Day gets closer, here are some fantastic ideas to make your holiday rock a little bit harder.

Mommy and Me Yoga

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a newbie, a mommy and me yoga class can be a blast. These beginners’ yoga classes can be a great way to stretch out, relax and spend time with your little ones. You may even find that you’ve got a talent for yoga, which might give you a way to relax even on your most stressful days.

Yoga helps to increase flexibility and improve your metabolism and can also help you lose weight. You don’t have to be active or naturally flexible to try out yoga, either. If you keep at it, the strength and flexibility will develop. As the late, great Carrie Fisher put it, “be afraid but do it anyway.” The confidence will come later.

Mother’s Day Weekend Camping

Who says you only have to celebrate Mother’s Day on a Sunday? Make it an entire weekend by heading out for a family camping trip. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are — you can enjoy a weekend camping trip. Just make sure you have a couple of comfort items like blankets or stuffed animals so your kids will be comfortable — and stock up on snacks and other supplies. You don’t want to be roughing it with young children. Wait until they get a little bit older for those wilderness excursions.

My parents took me camping as a kid and, honestly, they’re some of my best memories — even if we were sleeping on a beach in a sandy tent and got so sunburned we looked like little lobsters. We never went on a Mother’s Day camping trip, but it’s a great way to spend the holiday weekend.

Make Some Crafts Together

While I adore the elbow macaroni creations that I get from my daughter every year, it might be fun to make a craft together. Make splatter-paint canvases by throwing paint on a canvas. I can guarantee that kids of every age will love this one — kids adore making a mess! Just make sure you do it outside, because you will get paint everywhere.

This year, I think me and my oldest daughter are going to make handpainted flower pots. Terra cotta pots are perfect for painting, and once they’re dry, you can plant anything you want in them. Both beautiful and functional.

DIY Pizza Party

Who doesn’t love pizza? Instead of ordering in, why not get the kids involved and make your own pizzas? If you’re handy in the kitchen, you can easily make your own pizza dough. But if you’re not, store bought is fine.

Set up the pizza dough and let your kids build their own with their favorite toppings. You can even create a pizza bar with all the toppings, sauces and cheeses you want. Then, once they’re decked out, throw them in the oven and you’ve got a tasty dinner that you all worked together to make. What better way to spend Mother’s Day?

If you’re worried about counting those carbs, don’t fret — you can make a low-carb pizza crust with a riced cauliflower.

Play in the Dirt

Kids love digging in the dirt, so why not get your hands dirty and plant a garden? You can plant flowers to decorate your yard, or maybe vegetables, depending on what’s in season in your area.

If you don’t have a yard that you can dig up to create a garden — either because of HOA rules or just because you don’t have a yard at all — set up some raised planting beds and go to town. Your kids will love to have you playing in the dirt with them, and depending on what you plant, you might have some fresh vegetables or fruits to enjoy a few months down the road.

Whatever You Do, Enjoy Your Day

Now, I’m not saying you have to do all of these things for Mother’s Day — or any of them. This list is just to give you a few ideas to help your Mother’s Day be a little more awesome this year.