Whether your sidekick rocks a sweet scooter or prefers a traditional board, little skaters gotta skate. And where better for your mini boarder (or you!) to practice her gnarly skills than on some of the country’s best concrete terrain? Flip through to see what makes these rad skateparks the best of the best.

Venice Beach Skatepark – Venice, Ca

Ah, Venice Beach. The birthplace of old-school skate boarding’s union with surfing’s Zen fluidity. This is where Z-boys like Tony Alva and Jay Adams used to play. So why shouldn’t you and your mini crew get your carve on here too? Crown yourselves the new lords and ladies of Dogtown at the Venice Beach Skatepark. Just off a sandy Cali beach, with plenty of sunshine and blue ocean views, it doesn’t get more original than this. Skate’s up!

Online: veniceskatepark.com

photo: Tyler Karaszewski via flickr

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—Allison Sutcliffe