You used to jet off for a day of wine tasting and plan beachy vacas where the only objectives were to tan, drink and read. Now your idea of a vacation is five minutes of alone time in the bathroom as you attempt to beat the next level of candy crush. It’s time for a vacation — a real vacation a la the type you used to embark on pre-kids — at the Azul Beach Hotel in Riviera Maya (about 25 minutes from the Cancun airport). The all-inclusive resort caters to your every need as a parent vacationing with little ones from multiple restaurants on site, childcare, kids shows and events, beach activities and of course, a full bar. Click through the slideshow to find out how to attain the unattainable: a blissful vacation with your kids in-tow.

The Grounds:
The Azul Beach Hotel by Karisma is built for vacationing families, but the all-inclusive resort is anything but gimmicky (think the opposite of your spring break excursion to Cancun). The grounds are expansive, which means even with the hotel at 100% capacity you never feel cramped or like you’re invading another family’s space. And, the noise level? Well, with dozens of kids on-site we were surprised that the entire place wasn’t reverberating with screams and shouts.

Let’s talk vacations–what’s the last true vacation you went on? Do you think that your kids would love the Azul Beach Hotel as much as we do? Tell us below!

all photos courtesy of Erin Lem unless otherwise noted.