When it comes to decorations for our kids’ rooms, we’re all about furniture that blends style and function. We love it even more when said items can cleverly encourage our little ones to pick up after themselves and keep things organized (we can only hope!). That’s why this sheep-shaped book shelf from Rowen & Wren is a huge hit for us. Not only is it an adorable addition to any kid’s bedroom, but it carefully contains up to 8 books on either side, making it a great way to store those favorite books your kiddo just has to have on-hand.


Made entirely out of individual wooden pieces, each section of the sheep slides together to create a complete book shelf that measures just over a foot tall and two feet wide. The bleached finish does an even better job of making this book shelf look even more like the animal it’s designed after. We can think of a few animal-crazy kids who would love to see this sitting in their room.

With openings wide enough to house small toys and other knickknacks, you’re likely to find your little ones are using this book shelf to house more than just their favorite nighttime stories.

The Rowen & Wren Baa-Baa Book Sheld retails for around $135. Add this beautiful piece to your kiddo’s collection by purchasing it here.

— Scott Wardell

photos courtesy of Rowen & Wren