photo: Pixabay

Caring for a colicky baby can be one of the hardest things new parents face. Thankfully there’s a very simple solution: according to a study, husbands need to make sure their baby mamas are as happy as possible. Kick up your feet and tell your husband to get pampering because a happy wife is what the experts say you need to ensure your baby is less fussy.

According to new research from Penn State, a positive relationship between mothers and fathers was linked to a decrease in infant colic. In other words, when husbands shower their wives with love, babies are calmer and happier. While studies have already linked depression and other psychological factors in mothers to infant fussiness, this new data is the first to link positive impacts with reduced colic symptoms.

Using data collected from the First Baby Study of just over three thousand women, researchers found that higher levels of support from partners during pregnancy and after were linked to lower rates of maternal reported colic.

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