A well-intentioned act from a mom in Ohio who was trying to place her baby’s car seat up high and away from the family dog, turned scary this weekend. Trying to locate a flat surface for her 10-month-old who was still strapped in her car seat, a young mother set the seat down on the stove, not knowing it was actually on and hot. The mother left the baby there, while the seat began to smolder and the blanket eventually caught fire.

News outlets in Ohio reported a frantic call from the mother and then an unidentified male who describe the serious injuries sustained by the baby. NBC4i news says the man told a dispatcher that the burns were “Probably 3 quarters of her left side of her butt, her back, her face, her arms, everything on her left side of her leg.” The baby was airlifted to a local hospital where she has critical but stable injuries.

car seat on stove

photo: Supafly via Flickr

It can be hard to find the good in a horrible story such as this, but at the very least this situation serves as a reminder that we care for precious cargo every day. We get distracted, we’re tired and stressed, but our actions always have consequences, even if they aren’t intentional. Always double-check that you are putting your baby’s car seat down on a safe surface that’s flat and sturdy. Put away pets that may cause harm to your little one and do your best to remove your baby from his or her seat once you’re in the house.

Our hearts go out to the young mama of this sweet baby and our thoughts are with them during their physical and emotional recovery.

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––Karly Wood