photo: Chrissy Teigen via Instagram

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and their daughter Luna are kind of the cutest family ever. But they may not be staying a party of three for long. Teigen told InStyle (in their November cover story) that she and Legend are prepping for baby number two. The celeb couple have been very public about their conception through IVF. With an embryo left, it looks like the pair are ready to try again!

The couple initially started their baby journey with 20 embryos. Those were narrowed down to three. This type of narrowing down of the embryos is completely normal during the trying to have a baby process. Not every embryo is healthy enough to use. Obviously, couples going through IVF want the best chance of success. With that in mind, the ones that aren’t likely to make it are not used.

When the first try didn’t work, the couple went through IVF again with their second embryo. That’s how they conceived their adorable little Luna.

Now that Teigen and Legend have one chance left (meaning, one embryo left), they’re taking it. Okay, so this doesn’t mean that the supermodel/super-mom is preggo again. Not yet anyways. The only thing they’re announcing right now is that they plan to start trying to conceive sometime soon.

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