You’ve heard of prenups before marriage, but have you heard about the baby variety? Some couples are reportedly choosing to create before-birth contracts, outlining each partner’s responsibilities.

So what exactly is a baby prenup? Technically it’s not a “prenup” in the strictest of senses. A prenup, or pre-nuptial, agreement happens before a marriage, while a baby prenup is a cute name for a contract between two parents made prior to the baby’s birth.

photo: J Carter via Pexels 

The baby prenup clearly details what parenting duties each person is responsible for. If you’re wondering why two people would want this, think about the crazy confusion that typically follows a birth.

Who’s on diaper duty? Who’s washing baby’s zillion onesies? And who’s getting up at midnight, 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. to change baby’s crib sheets?

Going into parenting with a written agreement sets expectations, creates clarity and can make the initial adjustment easier for everyone involved. Vanessa Petronelli, a celeb spiritual and life coach, told Good Morning America, “While there will be many unexpected, unpredictable elements, it’s definitely wise to do as much planning as possible in terms of household and parenting tasks.”

Before you run to your lawyer for help, stop. Unlike the marriage variety, a baby prenup is more of an organizational/relationship saving strategy that parents tailor to their needs and less of an actual legal document.

—Erica Loop



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