Some things are a match made in toy heaven, like the combination of Baby Shark and swimming baby dolls. This Baby Shark Baby Alive doll is sure to be at the top of every wishlist this holiday season.

Bath time is about to get a whole lot more fun thanks to the new Baby Shark Baby Alive doll which is actually a Baby Alive doll dressed up in a Baby Shark costume. The costume consists of a removable shark head and tail inspired by the famous Pinkfong song.

The water toy is designed for play both in and out of the water. The costume snaps on and off easily even for little fingers.

The Baby Shark Baby Alive doll comes in three shark costume colors, pink, blue and yellow on dolls of different skin tones and hair color. The dolls are available exclusively on Amazon for $24.99 each.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Amazon



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