Keeping track of your tyke’s schedule can be challenging enough without worrying about all the gear that comes along with it. So how do you prevent losing those lunchboxes and jackets before you even make it to winter break? Put a label on it. Everything from clothes to water bottles, and even masks, will stay accounted for thanks to these awesome labels for kids.

1. Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles’ adorable peel-n-stick labels are a school year accessory that doubles up on giving back. One, it gives your mini scholar the means to track her supplies in the daily shuffle, even when you throw them in for a good clean in the dishwasher or laundry. Two—Name Bubbles will donate $1 of every School Pack purchase to the Miracle Foundation, so orphans around the globe can access education and opportunity. Give a little bit, get a serious “lot” with these do-good labels. Psst ... our editor put them to the test and to date they've yet to peel off!



2. Glass of Harmony

When it comes to the ever-changing jacket menagerie (one for every season and then some), or the sports bag swap out, as you usher your little athlete out the door, an easy transfer is key. That’s what we love about these charming stamped zipper pulls ($10) from Glass of Harmony on Etsy. The charm transfers easily from raincoat to winter parka, or from soccer or swim bag with the flick of a clasp. And with design options that include cupcakes, trains or bikes, they add a blast of personality to your sidekick’s gear.

3. Stuck on You

If you’ve got a label need, Stuck on You has dreamed up the solution. Choose from stylish iron-on, stick-on or multi-use traditional labels to keep track of everyday school items your little scholar lugs to and fro, like lunchboxes, notebooks and more. Or drill down into more specialized items that help keep track of odds and ends that require their own special touch, like shoes, backpacks and reusable containers. Our favorite item on their list? It’s gotta be the Call Me Card that connects your Little with classmates so they can plan the ultimate play date outside of school.


4. Mabel's Labels

Dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe, Mabel’s Labels can survive whatever your messy mini can dish out … and then some. If you’re a label newbie, these are a good place to start. Straightforward combo packs (think: Starter, Little Kid School, and Ultimate Back-to-School to name a few) provide everything you need from clothing to lunchbox and water bottle labels. They also have labels made for sports and dance gear, food allergy and medical alerts, as well as stylish designs your middle and upper grade students won't mind sporting.


5. Devon Design Co.

Got a little bookworm who lugs his fave reads to and from school daily, or always loans out his beloved must-read books to his bestie? Meet your new best friend, Devon Design Co’s stylish nameplates ($14). Just peel one off and stick it to an inside cover to claim your little literati’s book as part of his forever library. Each pack comes with 20 stickers and is semi-customizable. He’ll never lose a book again!


6. inchbug

Hydration is serious business for mini scholars. After all, alphabetizing is hard work! And labeling the many water bottles and sippy cups that have collected in your cupboards over the years … well, it can be equally grueling. Simplify this labor of love with customized, stretchable Orbit Labels ($12.50) by inchbug. We heart that they can move easily from one water bottle to the next, year after year and that they coordinate with the rest of inchbug's adorbs easy stick-on label products.


7. Baby Fables

If pencils tend to disappear almost at the same rate as socks, there is a solution! With Baby Fables’ clever Skinny Pencil Labels you can add your young writer’s name to every pencil and pen they stuff into that pencil case. The personalized labels come in a variety of patterns from flowers to dinos, and more. With a set of 80 stickers ($9.95), you’ll never mysteriously run out of pencils again.


8. Mayday Labels

What’s not to love about 100% organic cotton labels, especially when they’re paired with kid-cute graphics that would be just as adorable on the outside of your mini me’s wardrobe as they would on an inside tag? At Mayday Labels, shop owners Sara and Matthew design kid-friendly clothing labels that iron on in just 15 seconds. And yep, they peel off just as easily, so they can be removed when clothes are ready to be passed down or donated. Let your sidekick browse the character labels ($23) (think: hearts, robots, elephants and more) to find one that perfectly pairs with his personality. The best part? The order can be split between two names.


9. Oliver’s Labels

Oliver’s Labels have all the bells and whistles of a good peel ‘n’ stick. They’re waterproof so they can go on anything and survive just about anywhere, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can even put your cutie’s sweet mug on their photo tags! But the Found-it tech is what makes us swoon. Sign up for this easy add-on when you customize your labels and those can’t-lose items can make their way back to you if they accidentally get left behind. Because let’s be honest, our kiddos lose things, even when their name is written all over it.


10. Bright Star Kids

Send your preschooler off in style with a custom backpack tag that will ensure there is no confusion at the cubbies. Even if they can’t read their own names yet, they’ll know by the prancing unicorn or the colorful construction vehicles, which backpack is theirs. Choose from dozens of different designs suitable for kids young and old, then add your text and choose your font for a completely unique backpack tag ($9.95) that’s sure to stand out.


photo: Jacqui Bolan

11. Kidecal

If you want a label that will weather any storm ... or school year, turn to Kidecal. Their labels are waterproof, laundry safe, microwave safe, washer safe and BPA free, which means you can stick them on anything from backpacks to water bottles to books and school clothes. In other words, they're durable (yes, we've tested them).


12. Elmwood Avenue

Face masks can keep your kiddos safe, but they also add yet another piece of gear to keep track of. Never misplace a cloth mask with these easy to use iron-on face mask labels from Elmwood Avenue. The personalized iron-on decals ($1) come in two colors and five different fonts and sizes.


13. Lil’ Labels

No time to wait for pre-printed water bottle labels? No problem. Lil’ Labels offers the perfect budget find in a pinch. Simply write your tot’s name on the self-laminating seal-and-stick label and seal the clear cover to prevent any bleeding in the dishwasher. Couldn’t be easier. The 24-packs of labels ($8.99) are available in a variety of colors and patterns.


14. The Print Mint

Whether you don’t want the hassle of breaking out the iron or your kiddos are sensitive to labels, these kids clothing stamps from The Print Mint are the perfect solution. Their custom self-inking stamps ($32.95) make it simple to label all those adorable outfits before your kids leave the house. Once you heat-set the ink in the dryer, you can wash the stamped clothes as you normally would without ruining the stamp.


— Allison Sutcliffe and Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured image: Courtesy of Mabel’s Labels


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