With many kids spending more time at home and backyards getting more use these days, adding a climbing dome to your backyard swing set setup just might be the best pandemic purchase of the year. Not only do outdoor climbing domes help kids develop core strength and gross motor skills, but they are lots of fun for kids who are into pretend play—not to mention, they make a great playground alternative for those families whose local playgrounds are still closed or who aren’t comfortable going just yet. Easy to assemble, you can get one of these set up in your yard just in time for the weekend!

photo: Wayfair

Propel Geometric Jungle Gym Dome Climber

This climbing dome comes in at 10 feet wide and five feet tall with a max weight of 400 pounds. Parents find the set-up to be relatively easy with two people. Throw a sheet over the top and you'll be all set for the next backyard campout

Get yours here, $189.99.

photo: HearthSong

HearthSong Climbing Dome with Slide

How cute is this dome that comes with its own slide? Perfect for the toddler to kindergartener set, kids can climb up to the solid wood platform to slide down and start again. 

Get yours here, $249. 

photo: Amazon

Lifetime Climbing Dome

This climbing dome is easy to assemble and sturdy for a weight up to 600 pounds. Multiple kids can climb on it at once and it would be a great option for your next backyard stargazing night

Get yours here, $199.98. 

photo: Wayfair

Tobbi Monkey Bars Dome Climber

This colorful dome climber can help your child develop strong muscles, balance and coordination. Designed for a max of two kids at a time, the smaller footprint works well when you have limited backyard area. 

Buy one here, $129.99. 

photo: Amazon

SLIDEWHIZZER Climbing Tower with Slide

We love this 2-for-1 climber as it adds on a slide so that kids can go up and down over and over again. Multiple children can easily engage in social play while developing confidence, stronger muscles and greater agility. An awesome addition to your backyard obstacle course

Get yours here, $364.99. 

photo: Wayfair

HearthSong Geodesic Dome Climber

This dome climber is a great option when you have multiple kids as it is built to hold up to 800 pounds in weight. It reaches five feet high so you could install a clip-on disc swing in the middle for extra fun. 

Get yours here, $299. 

photo: Amazon

TP Toys Explorer 2 Climbing Set Jungle Gym with Platform and Tent

Climb up and play on the Explorer 2, the platform and tent climbing set. With its adjustable frame, it can be sized just right for both toddlers and older kids. Kids will love the viewing windows to look out from when they reach the top and roll-up doors to let in allies to their fun new fort.

Get yours here, $250. 

photo: Wayfiar

Red and Yellow Dome Climber

Parents love this easy-to-assemble climber that's especially good for little ones due to its smaller footprint. It measures 45 inches high so you don't have to worry about kids when they climb to the tippy top. 

Get yours here, $129.99. 

photo: Amazon

Funphix Buildable Climber

If you want the ability to assemble your climbing structure the way you want it, this one is for you. The Funphix system is able to be assembled and disassembled over and over again so you can change it up every day if you'd like. 

Get yours here, $299. 

HeathSong SunRise Geometric Dome Climber

The  SunRise Climbing Dome is so big up to four kids can climb and play all over it at the same time. Add on the star hammock or bungee net chair for even more things to do on this awesome backyard structure. 

Buy yours here, $399. 

photo: Amazon

Jugader Geometric Dome Climber with Swing and Canopy

We love this option as it comes with a detachable swing and canopy. You can attach the canopy over the top for some shade, in the middle as a hammock or on the ground for some additional cushioning. A great addition for kids who like to play hide and seek

Get yours here, $359.99. 

photo: Amazon

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

For a little bit of a different shape, this climbing dome adds on a tower to make its max height 47 inches. Lightweight and easy to assemble, you can move this tower around the yard as you wish. 

Buy one here, $157.99. 

photo: Amazon

Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber

If you are are looking for a super-sturdy option, this is a great choice. With a maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds, you don't have to worry about having too many kids on there at once. 

Get yours here, $269.99. 

—Kate Loweth



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