Newsletter and Web Banner Ad Guidelines

Our guidelines are based on our evaluation of banner ad performance on our site
and in our newsletters over the past five years.
We have historically outperformed IAB banner ad benchmarks and our goal is to help
optimize views and click through rates for your campaigns.
Please ensure you banners meet the following criteria to increase ad performance and avoid campaign delays.

 The majority of our traffic and your campaign (70%) will be viewed on mobile.
All ads should be optimized for a mobile screen. 

No more than 20% of your ad unit should contain text.

Use a bold font that contrasts your background color.

Do not use a script font, or light colored fonts such as pink or pale blue.

A lifestyle image works well for banner ad units.

A CTA (call-to-action) is recommended on newsletter and web banner ad units.

Files accepted: .jpg, .png, .gif, double-click tags

Maximum file size for ad units is 100KB.


Here are some additional tips:

Preview your ad from your phone. Can you read it?

Double outlining text makes it blurry on mobile devices.

Avoid spreading text across your whole image.

Following are examples of ad units that meet our guidelines:

Here is how to improve your banner ad units in order to meet our guidelines: