San Franciscans are pretty protective of their restaurants. We can get all high and mighty about the dining experience and it what should (or shouldn’t) include. But what happens when Bay Area foodies have kids? Do we continue to dine out, bringing our kids to the latest Thomas Keller incarnation, hoping to inculcate them at a tender age with the virtues of lobster cooked in pork fat and chicken verde tacos?

Or do we have pity on other diners (hey, we were there once ourselves!) and leave the kids home when we head out to a new hot spot? High on the list of Bay Area foodie pet peeves is, of course, kids in restaurants, as illustrated by this post on Michael Bauer’s blog.

Yup, kids at restaurants can be annoying, particularly when you’ve paid a sitter and want to enjoy a kid-free date night. But should restaurants be allowed to ban children? The owner of a small restaurant outside of Pittsburgh is banning children under 6, insisting they disrupt other customers meals.

What are your thoughts on local restaurants banning kids? Would it make you want to eat out more? Or would you boycott the restaurant on principal? How has your restaurant dining experience changed now that you have kids? If you do take your kids out to restaurants, do you leave if/when they act up?