photo: Mattel

Two of your kiddo’s favorite brands are about to get together and create something that’s pretty awesome. Barbie and Crayola recently announced a new product line that combines the top fashion doll and the No. 1 worldwide arts and crafts product line. Even though the two lines have combined themselves in the past to make crafty coloring books, their new creation is something totally new. Check out what Barbie and Crayola have in store for you and your child, beginning this holiday season!

Along with the zillion colors in their iconic crayon packs, Crayola is also known for their ultra-clean technologies. They’re serious about keeping your child, and your home, neat when needed. With mess-free markers and paints, your child can accidentally color on the carpet and you won’t see a mark. Of course, that’s only with their special paints/markers — and not the regular ol’ ones.

So what’s this new partnership all about? The two brands are co-creating a line (that you can find in the doll aisle) of fashion-centered activities that use Crayola’s ultra-clean technology to get artsy with tie-dye designs, color-in fashion play, confetti and stamps.

Sejal Shah Miller, Vice President of Global Marketing for Mattel, said of the new partnership, “Barbie and Crayola are both trusted brands that inspire self-expression and we are excited to see what can be created when we join forces.” Miller goes on to add, “We know that parents value creative and imaginative play, which we can enable and enhance by offering the next products with the best partners.”

Select products will be available this holiday season, with others following in 2018. The brands will continue this completely creative collaboration into 2019, adding more fashion products to the line.

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