Barbie: she’s kind of like Beyoncé. And no, she hasn’t started a standout singing career. So what do the two have in common. Well, they both go by one name. Yep, they’re both Queen B’s in their own right. But like Beyoncé, whose full name is Beyoncé Knowles (now Knowles-Carter), Barbie also has a last name.

She’s Barbie and she’s every bit the icon. And that kind of means she’s important enough to go by one name and one name only. For decades you, like just about everyone else, assumed that Barbie was it. Just Barbie. Maybe “Doll” was her last name, but certainly she was more like a Cher or a Madonna than a two-named Jane Doe.

As it turns out Barbie does have a last name and its….wait for it—Roberts. In a tweet for National Siblings Day Barbie sneakily revealed her not-so-well-known last name. On April 10 Barbie tweeted (and yes, apparently a doll can tweet), “Happy #SiblingsDay, from the Roberts sisters!” Oh and who are the Roberts sisters? The glam girls include Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea (who once was Kelly).

If you’re wondering, “When the heck di Barbie get a last name?” the answer is, way back in the 1960s. Random House published a series of novels featuring Barbara Millicent Roberts, a.k.a. Barbie. The 60s stories even gave Barbie parents, George and Margaret Roberts!

What do you think about Barbie having a last name? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

—Erica Loop


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