It doesn’t get more classic than Bazooka gum and the sound of an ump yell, “Play Ball!” Graduate your kiddos to the big leagues with these baseball movies that celebrate America’s greatest pastime. We promise no matter what team you root for, you won’t balk at our picks.

Bonus: We’ve linked to each movie’s review on Common Sense Media so you can fully vet before switching it on.

Rookie of the Year

What if your kiddo’s pipedream of joining the major leagues came true? The wholesome movie, Rookie of the Year, follows a normal 12-year-old who suddenly is gifted with an extraordinary pitching ability. While the premise is far-fetched, you’ll still love this 1993 classic.

Click here for the Common Sense Media review.

What baseball movies for families should we add to our list? Any we missed?

— Erin Lem