Ahh, the middle school bathroom. It’s not exactly a place where you imagine inspiration springing from. Well, at Fayetteville Academy in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Instead of the typical teenage graffiti on the walls, one artist transformed the girls’ bathroom into a space that’s a true confidence builder.

Think about it — the tween or teen girl who goes into the bathroom at school. She looks in the mirror and sees her reflection looking back. Even though she should be totally proud of what she sees, she isn’t. Poor self-image and teenage girls isn’t exactly something new. But that doesn’t mean it has to stick around.

Artist Shari Link created murals around the bathroom that talk up confidence and kindness. With quotes such as “Stand tall. Wear a crown,” “Stay sweet on the inside,” “Throw kindness around like confetti” and “Every day may not be good. But there is good in every day,” these mural messages are more than just uplifting.

The project started with Trina Thompson Riddle, whose daughter is a sixth-grader at the school. After Riddle saw a social media post about middle school teachers in Alabama using vinyl decals to decorate their schools’ bathroom with messages of kindness, she didn’t see why her daughter’s school couldn’t do the same thing.

With only two days left before the start of the school year, Riddle got Link (who was more than happy to do it) to paint the bathroom walls.

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