Remember when Batkid (aka Miles Scott) saved Gotham (aka San Francisco) last year? Well, now he’s back in a full length feature film to share his whole touching story. Get a sneak peak to Batkid Begins in the heartwarming trailer below.

Batkid Begins traces the origins of 5 year old Miles Scott, from when he first learned to become a superhero by battling leukemia, to the big day where he saved San Francisco and inspired millions. The official documentary will also cover interviews with people who made Batkid’s day happen from Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area to Batman, and show exactly what it took to make this little superhero’s dreams come true. batkid-san-francisco

Photo credit: Shelly Provost via Flickr Creative Commons

While all the footage has been shot, the film is still in post-production phase. Funds are currently being raised through an Indiegogo campaign to truly give Batkid’s journey a visually magical finish. The money from the campaign will go towards getting stunning aerial shots of San Francisco, and paying big-name creators, who’ve agreed to work at a reduced rate, to provide Hollywood quality graphics and animation, original music, special effects and more. Afterwards, all profits from the documentary will go towards the Batkid Fund, which supports local San Francisco charities. batkid-poster

Photo credit: Shelly Provost via Flickr Creative Commons

25,000 San Franciscans stopped what they were doing that day to support Miles Scott in his fight against leukemia (and The Penguin). As legendary film composer Han Zimmer (The Dark Knight trilogy, 12 Years A Slave) said: “He gave everybody license to just be a little absurd, a little ridiculous, live their little dreams for a little bit.” We’re sure by the end of the film, we’ll be left wondering who inspired whom.

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— Christal Yuen