The Elf on the Shelf is creepily hanging out and watching over your child. Hey, it’s one super-simple way to keep those kiddos on the nice list — without having to say a word about their behavior. Even though Elf is supposed to sit there and patiently watch over those potential naughty-makers, sometimes they get into trouble themselves. And that’s exactly what happened to an Elf named Sam when he came up against the family dog.

Mom, and nurse manager for the ER at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Jenn Thelen woke up to screams. Her daughter’s screams. Seriously, what could be scarier than that? As it turns out, 7-year-old Aubrey was a-okay. But Sam the Elf wasn’t.

The family’s German Shepard Zoey had gotten ahold of the Elf, attacking the dapper little red-suited dude. Obviously, Aubrey was less than thrilled about the event. But mom came to the rescue, telling the little girl that she shouldn’t worry.

And why should Aubrey not worry about her injured Elf? Well, Thelen had every intention of fixing little Sam — at work, that is. In a Facebook post by the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Thelen reportedly, “told her daughter not to worry because we have the best medical team and they had ‘Special doctors’ that could fix her elf’s injuries.”

Yep, that’s right. They rushed Sam to the ER, where the medical staff promptly treated the Elf. Sam got the best care possible and seems to be doing just fine!

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