photo: Costco

Being prepared for an emergency becomes even more vital when you have kids in the mix. Trying to predict exactly what you might need isn’t easy, but thankfully Costco is making shopping for supplies as simple as possible.

What better place to stock up on everything you could possibly need than Costco? Next time you go to refill your fridge and pantry you can add one more important item to your list: an emergency kit. You can feed your family for a year with a 6,200-serving emergency food kit that has a shelf life of 25 years. The items in the kit include freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables, wheat, rice, granola, beans, instant milk and vegetable-based proteins, among others. Each item comes packaged in a tin canister.

The kit sells for $999.99 and includes shipping, which makes it a pretty good deal when you consider just how heavy a year’s worth of food is. Costco actually offers several different kits, which run as much as $4,000 and arrive stacked several feet high on a pallet. The big question is, between the LEGOs and the macaroni art, where will you store it all?

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