Calling all Beatle fans! Whether you’re an OG fan or starting out as a baby Beatle lover, this special collection from Magna-Tile is a must for your collection.

The Beatles Collection Magna-Tiles Structure Set comes with everything you need to create a Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road, Magical Mystery Tour Bus, a record player, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Kaleidoscope, The Beatles Album Collage, two different bass drums and display the Beatles Song Titles!

The set is an official Magna-Tile product and is compatible with all other sets. Each piece is made with SuperColor® Technology on both sides that equals bright colors and a scratch-resistant coating.

The Beatles Collection Magna-Tiles Structure Set comes with 28 small squares, 10 small rectangles, six quarter rounds, six small triangles, one hexagon and two chassis. You can pre-order the set for $134.99 on CreateOn or Amazon.

––Karly Wood



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