Every mom wants to feed their kids a healthy and miraculously tasty meal, but at the end of the day eating something is better than nothing. Whether boiling up a box of mac and cheese is the most you can muster or just getting your toddler to eat anything remotely resembling real food is a major victory, moms everywhere deserve a round of applause for getting the job done.

Here are a few of the dining selections our readers shared when we asked, “What’s for dinner?”

Mac and Quesadilla
The perfect marriage of the most beloved toddler foods in the universe.

photo: Sara Kremer via Facebook

Ketchup With A Side Of Ketchup
When the condiments become the main course. Ketchup totally counts as a vegetable, right?

photo: Jenny Smail-Jespersen via Facebook

Floor Food
It really doesn’t matter what you give them since it all ends up on the floor anyway.

photo: Lauren Minckley via Facebook

Who Needs A Plate?
Forget about the bowl, just hand them the container and call it a night.

photo: Heidi Trenholme via Facebook

Beans, Beans They Make You Toot…
They come in a can and they cover two food groups, one of which is vegetables. What could possibly be better?

photo: Morgen Peters via Facebook

It’s All In The Presentation
Sometimes you totally score, all it takes is a few extra dishes to wash.

photo: Erin Green Kelly via Facebook

What are some of your go-to kid dinners when you just can’t even? Share your favorites in the comments.