While sterile white sheets of a hospital room may serve a purpose, they certainly don’t make what’s already a stressful experience any better. Enter Kevin Gatlin: this entrepreneurial dad decided to help sick kids by creating bedsheets that invite play!

Gatlin’s company, Playtime Edventures, makes sheets and sleeping bags that are not exactly of the norm. Instead of solid colors or plain prints, Gatlin’s products are covered with games. While the sheets (and sleeping bags) aren’t exclusively for hospital use, the creator dad designed them with bored, hospital-bound kids in mind.

The Playtime Edventures creator told NewsWest 9, “My wife used to utilize the bed with our son, they would play board games they would do homework assignments it was the biggest piece of furniture in the room.” After Gatlin told his wife that he wanted to put games on the bed (sheets), she asked if he was planning on including something educational.

With his wife’s question in mind, Gatlin met with half a dozen teachers, discussing his playsheet product ideas. “We put together bedsheets and slumber bags that cover everything from Geography, Math, Science, Grammar, word find games, over-sized game boards… all on a three-piece set,” Gatlin told NewsWest 9.

As of now there are roughly 10 hospitals in the United States using Gatlin’s sheets. Instead of hospitals buying the sheets directly, individuals buy the play products online and donate them.But the donations don’t stop there. According to Gatlin, hospitals often give the sheets to the patients to take home.

Visit Playtime Edventures here for more information on buying these perfectly playful bedsheets!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Playtime Edventures via Instagram 



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