I’m trying something new. It’s not ground breaking or rocket science but I think it will make a huge impact on my daughter. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. You see, it’s so easy to say No! I say “NO!” a lot, probably too much. I decided to do a little experiment and say “YES” as often as I could (for a reasonable activity) and I would hopefully get good results. So here’s how it went…

“Mommy? Will you play Candy Land with me?”    Even though it was 7:00 at night and I was exhausted after working all day. Dishes were still dirty, kitchen still a mess. We played, she smiled and loved it. It was all worth it.

“Mommy, can I play on your Ipad while you work?” She played and kept me company while I did some cleaning up around the house.

“Mommy? Can we make something with this rotten banana?”  And we sure did. We made our ‘healthy’ cookies that take no effort, just a few minutes of my time. I let her help me instead of sending her off on her way. We loved the time making treats together.

“Mommy? Can I watercolor?”  Yes!  It’s a perfect, quiet activity and she had FUN! She was even being creative and used an old toilet paper roll! How could I say no to that one?

“Mommy? Can we do yoga?” This has been fun for us to do on week nights. I have a very simple 12 min DVD of yoga stretches and she really likes it! It was good for both of us.

I think I did pretty good with this little experiment. Yes, I had to still say “No” to some requests. Like “NO” to you can’t have 2 desserts. Mostly about food! My girl loves to snack. I learned to stop and think for a minute instead of flat saying “NO” right away. Here is an alternative to “NO”…. “Not right now”…. or “Let’s do this instead…” It really worked and felt better saying then the “NO!”

These are just some simple things that I said “yes” to. I know that some days it’s soooo easy to just say “NO” and not take the time to do a simple thing. I encourage you to try it. Take a  minute to really think about what your child is asking before you quickly say “NO!” Become a “YES” mom!!