Molly Ringwald may have DIYed herself a designer-looking dress in “Pretty In Pink.” But not every teen has the know-how or resources to buy (or create) their own awesome outfit for prom. The Believe in Yourself Project provides donated dresses to teens who need one during prom season. Oh, but that’s not all. Check out how this amazing organization is helping teen girls to accept themselves and look to the future.

Prom. It’s the one time of year that a teenager gets to gown-up and dress like they’re in a fairytale. But for many teens, this simply doesn’t happen. Without the financial means to buy prom-wear, high schoolers from low-income families may skip the event entirely. And Believe in Yourself doesn’t want that to happen.


So how does this organization help teens to get the dresses they deserve? Believe in Yourself gets brand-new dress donations from retailers and designers. They then distribute the dresses to girls in need. But there’s a catch. Teen girls who participate in the program get their first dress based on financial need. After that, they need to ‘earn’ dresses for upcoming events. The organization tracks the girls’ progress towards meeting goals. This can include academic, athletic, arts or some sort of other extra-curricular improvement and accomplishment. As the girls make progress, they ‘earn’ dresses for future use.

Along with providing dresses, Believe in Yourself empowers girls to develop a healthy body image and positive self-esteem through seminars and via a soon-to-be rolled-out mentoring program.

If you want to help, Believe in Yourself is currently looking for mentors to help teen girls create and maintain a positive body image, combat cyberbullying and achieve to their fullest potential!

What do you think about this designer dress donation program? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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