When it comes to back-to-school clothes shopping, your kid’s all about perfecting “the look.” And with on-trend adaptive clothing lines galore to choose from, even issues like Sensory Processing Disorder or other special needs won’t hold your fashion-forward kiddo back. This BTS season it’s ready, set, shop … for everyone. Keep reading to see what we found.

photo: MagnaReady


A new collection from the original magnetic shirt company is here! MagnaMini is currently delving into the kids market with easy to close boys oxford shirts. The new line currently includes a handful of dress shirts for boys with sturdy magnets in lieu of traditional buttons, which means a simple on and off process that is low on stress, but big on style.

Extra credit: Not only can you shop kids, head to MagnaReady to outfit the whole fam with styles for men and women, too.

Add it to your BTS shopping list: magnaready.com/collections/boys-adaptive-clothing

photo: courtesy Kohl's


Kohl’s is leading the pack this year with their new-to-market sensory-friendly and adaptive clothing lines. A first for the company, they’ve worked hard to make these clothes, that include special features like flat seams, longer lengths, abdominal access and two-way zippers (to name a few), indistinguishable from the rest of the brand. You'll find these inclusive favorites when you shop the Jumping Bean, SO and Urban Pipeline brands online or in the store.

Extra credit: Disney fans will delight at graphic tees that feature their favorite Disney characters.

Add it to your BTS shopping list: kohls.com/catalog/adaptive.jsp?CN=Feature:Adaptive

photo: courtesy My Pipers

My Pipers

Say hello to a boxer short that's got a new perspective. These comfy, shorter than average, no-fly boxers are made with girls in mind (but that doesn’t mean boys don’t love them too!). And they’ve earned the sensitive-kid seal of approval thanks, in part, to their super soft organic cotton fabrics. Pair that with kid-designed patterns, and you’ve got your new favorite undies … jammies … shorts to fit under dresses …. basically whatever you need them to be.

Extra credit: When your kid rocks these boxers, it means a kid in need can too. My Pipers has donated over 1,000 pairs to low-income children through Baby2Baby and Undies for Everyone.

Add it to your BTS shopping list: mypipers.world

photo: courtesy Sensory Smart Clothing Co.

Sensory Smart Clothing Co.

It helps that Sensory Smart Clothing Co. owner/mom Alison started designing clothes for her own sensory-sensitive kiddo to start because when she started the design process, her experience led her to choose soft fabrics, outside seams and pockets, and to get rid of tags altogether. When you shop her look, you’ll find a collection of graphic tees, soft pants and leggings and underpants that feature subdued colors and understated patterns and graphics. Plus, they won’t scratch or bother kids the way everyday clothes can. Casual and cute is always a winning combo.

Extra credit: You can find ever-elusive slim-fit sweats here. A unicorn find, for sure!

Add it to your BTS shopping list: sensorysmartclothing.com

photo: courtesy Billy Footwear

Billy Footwear

Universally-designed Billy Footwear is a “smash up” of function and fashion, so everyone can rock cool kicks, no matter who they are. What makes them so accessible to everyone is their design—a simple full zipper that runs from toe to top so they open completely, making it easy for feet to just slip right in. A simple zipper tug closes them snugly around the wearer’s feet. And the funky patterns and shimmery metallics give them total kid-appeal.

Extra credit: Billy Footwear’s newest line is just what your toddler ordered. Shop these easy to take on and off looks for the Littles here.

Add it to your BTS shopping list: billyfootwear.com/collections/styles-for-kids

photo: courtesy Target

Cat & Jack Adaptive

From the moment Target debuted their Cat & Jack Adaptive clothing line two years ago, it’s been the go-to for easy, affordable clothing options for kids with special needs. And it runs the gamut. From wheelchair-friendly options to clothes that offer abdominal access, to tagless and seamless clothes for kids with sensory issues, you can find it all here. The best part? Their adaptive line has the same playful graphics and colorful patterns you can find on all their clothing. Plus, with most items topping out under $15, it's easy on the wallet. And who doesn’t love that during BTS shopping season?

Extra credit: This year, Target is debuting an adaptive Halloween line, with spooky functional and creative costumes for everyone!

Add it to your BTS shopping list: target.com/c/kids-adaptive-clothing/-/N-1laue

photo: courtesy Zappos.com

4Ward Clothing

The brilliance of this brand isn’t just in the name. It’s also in its forward-thinking design that lets kids succeed at dressing themselves no matter how they do it. How? Each piece does double-duty with a reverse. Sure, it sounds like a cool new figure skating move, but it actually means shirts and pants can be worn backward or forward, inside out, and they always look the same. It’s a universal design game changer and greatly appreciated by anyone who’s ever had to dress reluctant kiddos. 

Extra credit: This creative, adaptive-specific line is one of a few you can shop at Zappos.com. Find easy styles that are perfect for Back to School here.

Add it to your BTS shopping list: zappos.com/b/4ward-clothing/brand/4675

photo: courtesy Lands' End

Lands' End Adaptive

Quality and function are what Lands' Ends brings to the adaptive clothing stage. And easy dressing—for everyone—has driven their designs. Offering a full line of school uniform pieces that replace buttons and zippers with magnets, and include magnetic openings to accommodate leg foot braces, they’ve thought of pretty much everything. No more morning hassle as you rush the kids out the door because they can throw on these school uniforms with ease … and independence.

Extra credit: Sensory-friendly tags are part of the whole package here, too.

Add it to your BTS shopping list: landsend.com/adaptive-clothing-kids-school-uniforms-sensory-friendly/

photo: courtesy Patti Ricky

Patti + Ricky

Consider Patti + Ricky your one-stop-shop for every special need under the sun. Founder, Alexandra Connell has curated fab collections for people of all abilities. Looking for magnetic shirts? They’ve got them. How about Velcro belts? Those too. And our favorite, Chewelry (yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like), is a must-have for kids with sensory sensitivities who like to fidget or chew. Recently they released Braille shirts, by Braille'iant in both kids and parents sizes, that allow you to customize a name or saying in Braille right onto the shirt.

Extra credit: The Effortless Art Crayons make a perfect BTS add on.

Add it to your BTS shopping list: pattiandricky.com

photo: courtesy Kozie Clothes

Kozie Clothes

Kids who dig weight or pressure to help alleviate anxiety or mitigate responses related to ADHD, Autism or SPD can find everything they need to dress for success at Kozie Clothes. From compression clothing (think: long, short and double-layered tee’s as well as pants) to weighted vests and special swimwear, Kozie offers the building blocks of a functional wardrobe. And the removable tags, elastic bands and multi-use pockets are an added bonus.

Extra credit: If their weighted and compression clothes are a hit, check out the weighted blanket, too.

Add it to your BTS shopping list: kozieclothes.com

photo: courtesy Braille Code Brands, Inc.

Braille Code Brands, Inc.

It was Gracie’s son, Wani, who inspired her to create her brilliant braille patches. When Wani was younger, he wanted to be able to get dressed on his own but struggled with things like lining up buttons and getting his socks on the right way. Designed for kids who are blind or are visually impaired, these raised braille patches are easily sewn on or ironed on to socks, shoes and shirts. And they let kids figure out left from right (for shoes) or back from the front (for socks) by simply reading. Kids can also use them to line up buttons on their Sunday best dress shirts.

Extra credit: Check out Gracie’s book, What’s Cool About Braille Code School? 

Add it to your BTS shopping list: braillecodebrands.com


photo: courtesy EZ Sox

EZ Sox

Whether your kiddo needs mobility or motor skill support, putting on socks can be a challenge. But the reinforced loops on EZ socks make it … well, e-z-er. This simple redesign is helping lots of kids gain independence over every aspect of getting ready for school in the morning. And the sock patterns? All we can say is "super cute!"

Extra credit: Tweens and teens can get in on this simple sock design too.

Add it to your BTS shopping list: ezsox.com

Plae Shoes

Plae has always been a company focused on design. So it’s no surprise they’ve designed an adaptive-friendly shoe that works well for kids with ankle-foot orthotics, high insteps or other mobility support needs. Their funky color patterns and interchangeable pull tabs are secondary to the high ankle support, wide tongue opening, and pull tabs in the back that make these an easy choice for kids in need of functional footwear. Get out there and play!

Extra credit: The lightweight, mesh fabric goes a long way to keep feet cool and allow for extra stretch.

Add it to your BTS shopping list: plae.co/pages/adaptive-orthotics

photo: courtesy Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

If your kiddo loves a patriotic red, white and blue pattern or a snappy plaid, then Tommy Hilfiger’s adaptive line was made for her. Featuring seated wear, clothes that fit prosthetics, easy closures and more, Tommy’s been designing adaptive clothing since 2016. We love the colorful choices you’ll find here and the shop by solution option that helps narrow choices for kids and parents.

Extra credit: The adaptive clothing line looks the same as the rest of the TH collection. Universal design at its best!

Add it to your BTS shopping list: usa.tommy.com/en/tommy-adaptive

—Allison Sutcliffe



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