Even if your little sprouts seem to set up a grudge match over just about everything: choosing the Friday night movie, toppled LEGO towers, and endless hours of she-touched-me-again, in the end, a brother or sister is a built-in best friend. (Who better to help drive Mom crazy or snicker with at Dad’s creative cooking?). Flip through the album to see our picks for best picture and chapter books celebrating the ultimate family bond.

Read Me a Story, Stella

Age: 3-8

Another big sister-little brother pair, Stella and Sam have a more harmonious relationship than Ruby and Max’s. In this, one of a series of sweet, watercolor-illustrated books about their adventures, the sibs share thoughts about catching frogs, building doghouses, and flying kites, as they make their way to a local pond. If only all siblings got along so well!

Available at groundwoodbooks.com, $16.99.

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— Emma Bland Smith