February is a month of love: from I Love to Read in schools to kindness, this is the top month for showing kids the love of a good kids book list. Here are our favorite new titles in children’s publishing coming out in February.

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Tiny Travelers Puerto Rico Treasure Quest

The third book in the Tiny Travelers series takes readers on a journey from San Juan to Vieques. Created by a team of parents with multicultural backgrounds, the series promises a celebration of diversity with hidden treasures on every page. Great for kids of all ages, the interactive book is packed full of beautiful illustrations and rhyme-based storytelling.

Ages: 2-6

Available on amazon.com, $12.99

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Pig the Tourist

Pig the Pug is back, and this time he's globetrotting. Everywhere he goes, he offends the locals and causes mayhem. Aaron Blabey's newest edition to the popular series is sure to garner giggles. The perfect addition to any vacation or road trip reading lists. 

Ages: 3-5

Find your copy here. $10.99

photo: Abrams Appleseed

Spring Is Here!

Spring is Here!, illustrated by Calres Ballesteros, is part of the Changing Faces series of board books for toddlers by Abrams Appleseed, reinforcing cause and effect with the turn of every page. As new animal friends come out to play on a sunny spring day, readers will love seeing their faces change when the page is turned, thanks to a venetian blind element built into the book. 

Ages: baby to 3 years old

Available on amazon.com for $7.73.

ABC’s of Kindness & Kindness Counts 

From the beloved brand Highlights comes a new set of picture books for kids. One, in an A-Z format, this book will show kids all the different ways they can bring a little kindness into the world. Think helping with chores, delivering cookies to a neighbor, standing up for what’s right and more. The other does the same in counting form and featuring a diverse cast of kids and beautiful illustrations, these are both excellent books to read aloud in a classroom or at home before bedtime.

Ages: 2-5

Grab your copy here and here, $9.69 each

E.T.’s First Words 

Introduce your toddler to the legendary E.T., with this adorable interactive board book. Help E.T. find the right word to describe what going on in the picture by turning the wheel at the side. From what he likes to eat to what he wants to do with the phone, this sweet dose of nostalgia will be enjoyed by everyone. 

Ages 3 & up

Order it here, $9.99

Little Mole Finds Hope

Little mole is sad, so his mother takes him out of his dark, underground burrow to search for hope. They find it in flower bulbs that will become daffodils, trees that will grow green leaves in the spring, and a chrysalis where a butterfly will soon emerge. Close your eyes and imagine what's to come, Mama says, showing little mole that there's always hope when you're in a dark place. This sweet lesson shows kids how to endure their own challenges and find hope around them.

Ages: 3-5

Buy it here, $17.99.

What's in Your Mind Today?

Just breathe.... This book provides a guided meditation that shows kids how to focus on their breathing and stay calm even when they have troubling thoughts in their head. Illustrations show how thoughts can feelflitting like butterflies, stomping like monsters or popping like bubbles—while reassuring kids that even scary thoughts pass and that mindful breathing, just ten deep breaths, can put us at ease. 

Ages: 3-5

Find it here, $17.99.

It’s Okay to Be a Unicorn 

Meet Cornelius J. Sparklesteed. He has a secret. He’s a unicorn!! He also lives in Hoofington, where lots of nasty rumors about unicorns get passed around. They’ve gone so far as to announce that unicorns aren’t welcome. So, Cornelius designs fabulous hats to conceal his secret, and along the way, garners the admiration of friends and even the mayor! This shiny, sparkly book is a delightful read, and more importantly, shows that sometimes, different isn’t just weird, it’s AWESOME. 

Ages: 3-6

Buy it now, $12.79

Women Artists A to Z

This alphabet book stars women artists including iconic painters like Georgia O’Keefe and Frida Kahlo but also puts the spotlight on lesser-known artists like Mirka Mora, Judith Leyster and more. Each page has a short explanation of the works that define each artist (for example, legendary photographer Dorthea Lange is X is for EXposure), and if older kids want to learn more, the back pages have extended biographies. Beautiful illustrations complete this lovely picture book that's bookshelf worthy.

Ages: 3-7

Buy it here, $13.39

photo: Penguin Random House

The Paper Kingdom

Helena Ku Rhee's wonderful new picture book tells the story of little Daniel, whose parents work as night janitors, usually while he sleeps. When the babysitter can't make it, Daniel has to go along with his parents to the big glass building they clean. Little does he know it is the land of the Paper King. Inspired by Rhee's own parents, this is the story of hardwork and imagination, and a reminder to be kind. Beautifully illustrated by Pascal Campion. 

Ages: 3-7

Find your copy here. $12.79


What Will These Hands Make?

Olympia, Washington-based paper artist, Nikki McClure, released this beautiful book about the power of creativity and community at the end of February. It follows a family for a day in a small town, wondering with each turn of the page, what these hands will make. Will they make a fiddle? Fire from a stack of wood? How about a beautiful bouquet or a house for swallows? McClure’s recognizable art showcases the potential of each possible creation in the most compelling way.

Ages: 4-8

Buy it now. $13.99

photo: Shambhala Publications

The Monkey Mind Meditation Deck

Discover 30 activities designed to get your child to 'chill out, tune in and open up." Each beautifully illustrated card features an animal or a natural element with 3 thought-provoking exercises that will empower your child to be more present and mindful. 

Age: 4 & up

Find it here, $17.95.

photo: Simon & Schuster

The Only Woman in the Photo

"When someone opens a door to you, go forward." Young Frances Perkins spent her life heeding the wise words her grandmother taught her as a little girl. Kathleen Krull's The Only Woman in the Photo tells the story of Frances Perkins, the first woman to ever sit on a presidential cabinet. Perkins became Franklin D. Roosevelt's trusted advisor, and it is Perkins you can thank for such things as child labor laws, unemployment insurance and social security. Illustrations by Alexandra Bye bring the life and times of this persistent, fearless trailblazer to life. 

Ages: 4-8

Get it here. $13.39

Cézanne’s Parrot 

A beautiful picture book based on the life and journey of who most consider the father of modern art. This lovely work follows the life of the painter Paul Cézanne, who never gave up, even when the Parisian critics rejected his work, never gave up his mission to be a great painter, and was always evolving in style and technique. And yes, he really did have a parrot!

Ages: 4-8

Buy it now, $14

Geraldine and the Most Spectacular Science Project

Geraldine is a spunky second-grade student who loves science but sometimes has a hard time paying attention in class. When her teacher announces the science contest, she’s determined to take the prize. With lots of hard work, a pile of everyday stuff, and tons of confidence (she doesn’t let her fellow students' whispers get her down), Geraldine creates something truly amazing. A great story for kids who like to dream. (Available Feb 28th)

Ages: 5-8

Pre-order it here, $16.99

photo: Penguin Random House

Facts vs. Opinions vs. Robots

Michael Rex's new books will introduce young readers to the very important, and very distinct, difference between a fact and an opinion. Using robots, of course, kids can begin to understand the concepts, learn why it's important to have opinions, and when to stand up for the facts. A great reminder in an election year. 

Ages: 5-8

Find it here. $12.79

photo: Chronicle Books LLC

My Friend Earth

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, this beautiful book explores all the wonderful things Earth does as she awakens in the spring, tends to animals, pours down rain, colors autumn leaves, and sprinkles white snow over the tiny seeds waiting to bloom again. With intricate dye-cut pages, this interactive book allows readers to explore beautiful illustrations that bring the poetic prose on the pages to life. 

Ages: 5 to 10 years old

Available on amazon.com for $17.99.

R2-D2 Is Lost!

Follow along to see what kind of trouble one of the most famous droids in history gets into when you read author Caitlin Kennedy’s next installment of the Droid Tales.

Ages: 6-8

Buy it here, $10.99

Birdie and Me

From first-time author J.M.M Nuanez comes a story about a girl named Jack and her gender non-confirming little brother Birdie. A beautifully written tale about loss, sibling relationships, and how love and understanding can grow and thrive, even for the most unexpected families. Strong characters and flowing prose make this stunning debut a must-read book for 2020.

Ages: 10 & up

Available for pre-order here.

photo: Penguin Random House

Wannabe Farms

"My own son thinks Brian McCann is funnier than I am," writes Ellie Kemper. And Conan O'Brian says, "Brian McCann has that unique ability to write comedy that a seven-year-old and a middle-age man will both find hilarious." 

Acclaimed comedy writer Brian McCann invites you to visit Wannabe Farms, where farm animals do anything but what they are supposed to do. The rhyming prose, accompanied by Meghan Lands' illustrations, is reminiscent of a Shel Silverstein book if the sidewalk had ended on a farm where the animals had refused to take the garbage out. 

Ages: 8-12

Find your copy here. $12.99

photo: National Geographic Books

It's A Numbers Game! Basketball

From the shot buzzer to the dimensions of the court, basketball is full of math and this photo-centric book by author James Buckley Jr. (with a foreword by Kobe Bryant) brings the excitement of the game to math concepts kids encounter every day. Read up on amazing statistics and learn how to track the stats of your favorite basketball stars, learn how to use geometry and physics to improve your bounce pass and discover sports trivia and activities at the end of every chapter. Available Feb. 4.

Ages: 8-12

Find your copy here. $14.99

We Had to Be Brave: Escaping the Nazis on the Kindertransport 

Harrowing real-life stories come to life in award-winning author Debrah Hopkinson’s non-fiction retelling of families torn apart by Nazi Germany. With interviews, photos and detailed research, Hopkinson approaches what might be, for middle-grade kids, their first non-fiction account of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust, with incredible details and readable prose. An important contribution to YA literature.

Ages: 8-12 

Pre-order a copy here, $18.99

photo: Random House

The Quest for the Crystal Crown (The Story Pirates Present)

Based on an original idea by a real kid! The third book in The Story Pirates Presents series, it's like two books in one. The first part is the story about an enchanted city, and the second part of the book is all about how to create your own fantasy adventure, including creative writing tips and tricks. 

Ages: 8-12

Find it here, $8.99. 


Folktales for Fearless Girls 

Before Hermione and Katniss, there were brilliant queens, clever villagers and brave girls who were saving the world around them—even if you’ve never heard their stories. Now is their chance to shine in this lovely collection of folktales from China, Russia, Persia, India, France, Germany and more. These strong protagonists are ideal role models for young girls.

Ages: 9-13

Reserve your copy here, $16.99


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