What goes best with a PSL or warm cider? An awesome new kid’s book. We’ve read through stacks and stacks of books hot-off-the presses and found our favorite new releases in children’s book for the month of October. Scroll on to see our picks.

Baby Loves: A First Book of Favorites

Babies and tots love looking and observing other babies and tots, which is why this book will be an instant with the younger set. Each page of this board book features a baby and different objects. Can your babe find the banana? How about the sippy cup? This book will help your kiddo learn to point and help with vocabulary building, matching and play.

Ages: baby and up

Available on amazon.com for $7.99


The traditional board book is taken to a whole new level with this book by Christopher Franceschelli with art by Peskimo. Pages expand out, fold down and lift up as your kids discover what life on the farm is like. From planting crops to harvesting veggies to baking pies and more, go from season to season on the farm with favorite farm animals tagging along the way.

Ages: toddler and up

Available on amazon.com for $16.99


TouchWords: Clothes and TouchWords: My Day

These two new titles from Chronicle Books bring everyday concepts to life for babies and toddlers. Turn each page and you'll find one action word in raised letters like "Play" or "Garden." Colorful illustrations of the word, along with vocabulary related to that word (like flowers, shovel, seeds) will help build your child's language skills. Touch, learn, repeat!

Ages toddler and up

Available on amazon.com for $16.99

photo: Candlewick

Frankie's Food Truck

This adorable lift-the-flap board book teaches kids all about shapes in the context of a vibrant food truck. Illustrator Lucia Gaggiotti's images are reminiscent of Richard Scarry books and bring life to the page. 

Ages: 2 and up 

Find your copy here, $9.99

Alphabet Street

This colorful lift-the-flap book teaches the alphabet through funny rhyming text and the adventures of the sweetly drawn animals who live and work along Alphabet Street. The book folds out and has a play scene on the back for even more imaginative fun. The detailed artwork and interesting stores can inspire lots of conversations and gives kids new things to discover each time they open the book.

Ages: 2-5

Available on amazon.com for $16.96.

photo: Penguin Young Readers

Bedtime Classics: Alice in Wonderland

Classics are reimagined in this new series of board books that take famous books and re-tell them with inclusive and charming illustrations. Two of these sweet books are availble now, and there's more to come in 2020. 

Ages: 3 & up. 

Buy it here, $7.29.

photo: Interlink Publishing Group, Inc.

A Christmas Sweater for Nina

Nina is a homeless cat who lives in a big city in a house made of cardboard. Luckily for her, she has a nice red sweater to keep her warm, until one day it unravels. Following its yarn through the town, readers enjoy a delightful look at life in a city populated by animals. When Nina comes to the end of her yarn, she finds that her sweaters is completely gone, but she gains a friend who offers her the perfect Christmas present.  

Ages: 3-8. 

Buy it here, $17.95.

photo: Candlewick Press

The Favorite Book

With a Seuss-like rhyme and detailed, original illustrations, The Favorite Book by Bethanie Deeney Murguia will become a fast favorite in your house. Not only is it full of a seek-and-find like quality, it also contains a valuable reminder about individuality and open-mindedness. 

Ages: 3-7

Find your copy here, $15.29

photo: Penguin Random House

Strechy McHandsome

Rhyming text and a silly cat; pretty much a winning combo in the children's book department. This adorable book by Judy Schachner tells the "tail" of Stretchy's day about town. 

Ages: 3-5

Get it now. $16.19

It's Not All Rainbows

Meet Kevin the unicorn—he's perfect. When he wakes one day, and things aren't quite the same, he'll keep up with the optimism unicorns are known to have, because well, unicorns are perfect. From a thunderstorm to sold-out glitter soda, kids will be giggling along as Kevin's day goes from bad to worse, and they'll learn that everyone, even unicorns, has bad days.

Ages: 3-5

Buy it here, $17.99.

Grumpy Monkey Party Time!

Your favorite Grumpy Monkey is back in Grumpy Monkeuy Party Time written by Suzanne Lang and illustrated by Max Lang. This time Jim Panzee is invited to a party where there's...dancing! But what happens when Jim doesn't feel like dancing? This book is all about listening to your true feelings and managing social anxiety. It's a sequel to Grumpy Monkey, you definitely won't want to miss. 

Ages: 3-7

Available on amazon.com for $15.29

There's an Elf in Your Book

If your family attracts the sort of mischievous elves that leave trails of Hershey kisses or M&M minis from the bathroom, you'll adore this page-turning test designed to check if your kiddo is naughty or nice with silly instructions that will have your kid singing, clapping and.... burping?! Spoiler Alert: Every reader ends up on the Nice List! 

Ages: 3-7

Available at Amazon.com for $17.99. 

Tomorrow I'll Be Brave

For an uplifting, positive bedtime read turn to this book by artists and illustrator Jessica Hische. Now in board book form, this popular title will motivate your kids to see the bright side of their day. Turn each page to find hand-lettered inspiring words, all with a reminder that tomorrow is a new day full of opportunity.

Ages: 3-7

Available on amazon.com for $9.99

photo: Interlink Publishing Group, Inc.

The Reader

The Reader is an ode to joy for young bookworms, celebrating the thrill of diving into a good book—especially when you really should be asleep. It is the story of a gender-neutral reader who chooses adventure over naptime, and you get to go along for the ride as the reader swims with whales, chases jaguars, and climbs dinosaurs as big as mountains.

Ages: 3-8

Buy it here, $17.95.

photo: Penguin Random House

Chapter Two Is Missing

This hilarious book written by Joh Lieb and illustrated by Kevin Cornell, invites the reader into the story to help solve a mystery. You see, Detective Irene McGarringan is busy preparing for the release of her book only to discover that (you guessed it) chapter two is missing. There's also other strange things afoot: a bunch of Ms hiding in Chapter 5 and there's a Chapter 45 that doesn't seem to belong to this book at all. Help her solve the mystery! 

Ages: 4-6

Find it on amazon fir pre-order (out Oct. 29). $17.99

Monsters Are Afraid of Babies

Everybody knows....monsters are afraid of babies! From the way babies howl to how sticky and stinky they are, monsters have great fear of these crawling little creatures. Adorable, funny, rhyming prose will delight your kids as you reassure them not to fear (babies OR monsters). Written by Nicholas Tana and illustrated by Elise Leutwyler and Jessica Abbott. 

Ages: 4-6

Find it on amazon now, $14.99

Jon Klassen's Hat Trilogy

Perfect as a gift (for your kiddo or friends this holiday season) is this boxed set of three Jon Klassen books: This Is Not My Hat, We Found a Hat and I Want My Hat Back. These witty, best-selling books are about some sly animals and their hats. If you haven't yet read these books, now's your chance to own all three.

Ages 4-8

Available on amazon.com for $25.99  

photo: Simon & Schuster

Parker Looks Up

Written by Parker Curry (age 4) and her mama, Jessica Curry, with an afterword by Michelle Obama. Illustrated by Brittany Jackson. This is the sweet story of Parker Curry, a young girl, who went to the National Portrait Gallery one afternoon with her mom. She saw prancing horse, blooming flowers, a bushy mustache...but before she went twirling off toward home, Parker Curry looked up. There on the wall she saw the magnificent portrait (by Amy Sherald) of Michelle Obama. Parker didn't just see the First Lady of the United States. She saw a queen, a woman with regality, beauty, truth and self-assurance, a woman who looked like her. This moving story will delight any young dreamer. A great addition to any home library or classroom. 

Ages: 4-8

Available Oct. 15, here. $12.79

photo: Simon & Schuster


Written by Kenyan-born actress Lupita Nyong'O, this is as much her personal story as it the story of young Sulwe, a girl whose skin is the color of midnight. The stunningly gorgeous illustrations by Vashti Harrison are reason enough alone to want this book in your library, but the story itself is beautifully told; it's about differences, acceptance of oneself no matter how we think others see us, it's about wanting to fit in and yet being unique. A vital message for every kid out there, regardless of race or gender. Read it today with your kids. 

Ages: 4-8

Buy it now on, $11.14

The GayBCs

Did you know that 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in NYC? Despite the passage of time, there's still much progress to be made for equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Take a step to be a part of the solution and empower your kids with knowledge with this book by M.L. Webb. Each page features vocabulary and poems like "A is for Ally" and "N is for Non-Binary." Educational and informative, this book will teach your kids all about inclusivity.

Ages: 4-8

Available at amazon.com for $9.47 

photo: Little, Brown and Company

A Big Bed for Little Snow

Little Snow gets a big bed, but he can't seem to resist jumping on it. Every time he jumps, feathers fall out...this beautiful story from Caldecott Honor winner Grace Lin pairs the natural mischief of a sweet young child with the magic of winter for a story you'll want to read every cozy night or snowy day. 

Ages: 4-8

Find it here, $13.39

photo: Candlewick

Snow Leopard: Ghost of the Mountains

Travel to the Himalayas and embark on a trek in search of the elusive gray ghost (aka the snow leopard) in this beautifully illustrated picture book. Written by Justin Anderson (a zoologist and filmmaker) and illustrated by Patrick Benson, an acclaimed children's book illustrator. 

Ages: 5-8

Find it here, $16.99

Home in the Woods

This wonderfully illustrated book by author Eliza Wheeler tells the story of Marvel and her seven siblings, who are forced to find a new home after the death of their father. Follow the family through the seasons as they make something out of nothing, from saving berries, hunting wild game, planting a garden and using nothing but their imaginations for entertainment. Inspired by the true-life Great Depression experiences of Wheeler's grandmother Marvel, this book will simultaneously warm your heart and serve as a strong reminder of the challenges that once faced our nation.

Ages: 5-8

Buy it now, $16.19

Caspian Finds a Friend

Caspian lives by himself in a lighthouse surrounded by the ocean. Every day he wishes a friend would show up but nobody does so he takes matters into his own hands. With beautiful illustrations and a positive message to reach out to others, this book by Jacqueline Veissid and illustrated by Merrilees Brown will become a favorite bedtime read. 

Ages: 5-8

Available on amazon.com for $16.29

photo: Andrews McMeel Publishing

My Pet Slime

Courtney Sheinmel introduces readers to a dynamic new duo in chapter books: a girl named Piper Maclane and her soon-to-be sidekick, Cosmo (her pet slime). When she's faced with a class assignment, petless Piper concocts some slime to bring to school. And through a strange turn of events, Cosmo comes to life. Take that slime craze to the next level. Illustrated throughout by Renée Kurilla.

Ages: 6-9

Find it here, $10.79

Everything Awesome About Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Beasts!

For kiddos obsessed with dinosaurs who already have their basic knowledge about these pre-historic beasts down, it's time to take their love of dinos to the next level with this book written and illustrated by Mike Lowery. Part encyclopedic nonfiction and part hand-drawn pictures and illustrations, this book is colorful, engaging and educational all at once. 

Ages 7-10

Available on amazon.com for $16.99

Harry Potter: Exploring Hogwarts: A Illustrated Guide

Harry Potter fans will want this fun illustrated guide to Hogwart's castle. From the extremely detailed illustrations to the little known facts about the movie series, it's a must-have for muggles. 

Ages: 7-12

Buy it here, $26.99.

The Math Kids: An Unusual Pattern (Volume 3)

The third volume in these adventures just hit the stands in October and our kiddos were overjoyed to read it. Written by David Cole, a writer and math teacher, each volume follows the adventures of the Math Kids Klub—Jordan, Justin, and Stephanie as they work to crack the case of a bank robbery using a cryptic poem. Think Encyclopedia Brown meets STEM learning, your kids will have so much fun reading these adventures they won't even notice they're learning important math concepts! 

Ages: 8-11

Find it now, $8.69

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: The Illustrated Edition

The fourth book in the series, this version is fully, lavishly illustrated by award-winning artist, Jim Kay. Complete, unabridged text by JK Rowling. 

Ages: 8 and up 

Buy it now, $28.79

photo: Penguin Random House

White Bird: A Wonder Story

Acclaimed author R.J. Palacio is back with a new graphic novel based on the character Grandmere (introduced in Auggie & Me as Julian's grandmother). Palacio tells the story of how Grandmere, as a young Jewish girl, was hidden by a family in a Nazi-occupied French village during WWII. It's a story of triumph, kindness and true friendship, too, told in Palacio's unforgettable voice. 

Ages: 8-12

Buy your copy here, $16.59 

The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid

For Russell Weinwright, being in middle school is complicated enough. Add in that he's from the swamp, has one large arm and can shoot vines, and it's a whole new ball game. Done in a similar vein to the Wimpy Kid series, read Russell's spiral notebook, and follow him as he tries to find out more about what happened to his parents, avoid his suspicious science teacher and make friends along the way.

Ages: 8-12

Buy it here, $9.99


—Amber Guetebier, Gabby Cullen, Erin Lem, Karly Wood, Meghan Yudes Meyers

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