Christmas is a magical time, but making all that magic happen isn’t exactly picture-perfect for parents. This “Best Christmas Ever” SNL skit couldn’t be more hilariously accurate on what spreading the yuletide cheer is really like for parents.

Saturday Night Live capped off the year with guest host Matt Damon, who brought the funny to a sketch that revealed what its really like to give your kids the best Christmas ever. All parents want to give their kids a memorable holiday, but as the sketch shows…well, take a look for yourselves!

Hands up if you can totally relate! A dad of four himself, Damon is probably no stranger to the joys of putting together impossible-to-assemble toys on Christmas Eve and being awakened before the sun rises to the screams of over-excited kids on Christmas morning.

Here’s to all the exhausted moms and dads making this Christmas the best Christmas ever, too.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Saturday Night Live via YouTube




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