Your inquisitive cutie is a fountain of questions. From the minute she bounds out of bed in the morning, till her eyes finally shut at night, she wants to know “who, what, where, when, why and how” about everything. The next time she’s got questions, direct her to a different kind of dictionary. We’ve found eleven that redefine Webster’s standard. Flip through to find one to add to your bookshelf.

A Pow-erful Tool

We’re not sure who’ll love this dictionary more—you or your little caped crusader. Either way, you can rely on your favorite DC Comics superheroes to help him find and define over 500 grade-school level words with pow! bam! graphics and context-clue sentences, all focused on the good deeds of your favorite Justice Leaguers.

Find it online at here.

Which dictionary do you think your kiddo would like? Do you have any of them? Tell us about it in a comment.

 —Allison Sutcliffe