There’s nothing like a frosty glass of lemonade to cool off tiny tastebuds in the summertime. Make it an occasion for fun with a sweet straw perfect for sipping. From sleek and modern to totally silly, scroll down to see a few adorable additions that’ll make whatever they’re serving from the sidewalk stand seem extra special.

greenpaxx_straws_lemonade_national_redtricycleA Family Favorite
These straws actually prevent juice acids from doing a number on those pearly whites. They fit together to make a longer straw and the silicon material won’t bend or break while being tested by a teething tot. Easy cleaning and bright colors make these a cool tool for families.

Available at Green Paxx, $10.95 for a pack of 4.


Sleek and Modern
Sleek and shiny, stainless steel straws cool down while the kids sip away. These eco-friendly straws don’t rust, they’re easy to clean and they fit mason jars as well as tot-friendly cups, so they can go from the tiny table to your dinner table all in the same day.

Available at Williams-Sonoma, $12.95 for a pack of 4.


Make it Tropical
Let the littles drop a few bamboo straws into fresh-squeezed glasses of lemonade and you can almost imagine you’re on a beach somewhere. Just try to resist the urge to spread out your beach towel in the backyard sandbox.

Available at The Sugar Diva, $4.50 for a pack of 25.

Drink Divers
Finally, it’s okay to blow bubbles in your glass! Made from durable, food-safe plastic, drink divers from Fred & Friends make a perfect addition to a backyard lemonade party. Or, any party really.

Available online at Fred & Fred’s, $9 for a pack of 2.


Classic Stripes
Make a glass of lemonade even sweeter with a classic striped straw. Let them choose from a rainbow assortment, there’s not a sour one among the bunch. We like the paper versions scooped out over at Shop Sweet Lulu.

Available online at Shop Sweet Lulu, $4 for a pack of 20.


Just for Fun
More fun than functional, the Silly Straw Glasses are a good gag gift for your gigglers. Wrap around various body parts and then race to see who can slurp up lemonade the fastest!

Available at Cracker Barrel, $4.99.


See-thru Straw
If you like the idea of being able to see what’s hanging out in a straw when the the sipping’s done, you’ll dig this glass beauty from Strawsome.  At just 7” and bent for drinking ease, you can rest assured they’ll stay put in all those kid-sized servings being poured outside. Made of (sturdy) glass, these are best left to your older kiddos.

Available at Strawsome, $8.95.



Perfect for a Party
When planning a pink lemonade party, no regular straw will do. Add a little pop with a sweet sign from Etsy store Cupcake Express. In addition to the the straw flags, the digital package also includes several other printable party designs that are just pinky.

Available at Cupcake Express on Etsy, $3.


Cold Colors
These BPA-free straws are designed for drinking Boba, but they’ll work just as well with lemonade. We love that the colors change with cold or hot temps, just like those mood rings you used to wear as a kid.

Available at Buddha Bubbles, $8.95 for a pack of 20.


STEM Straws
They’ll be so busy building their best straw you might have to remind them to stop and take a sip! 44 dishwasher safe pieces will keep little hands busy; your backyard besties will want to spend an entire day making and re-making the most wackiest versions possible.

Available at Fat Brain Toys, $11.95

Which straw will you use to sip sweet lemonade this summer? Share with us in a Comment below!

— Gabby Cullen