Daydreaming about sunshine and summer? Stop dreaming and start shopping. The new IKEA summer collection will turn those dreams into a fun-filled, colorful reality. Here are a few of our favorite picks straight from IKEA’s new releases to get your space summer-ready, inside and out, because it’s never too early to start.

SOMMAR 2018 Beach Towel

You’ll be popping when you hit the pool or beach with these colorful towels. The bold, bright colors will ensure you never lose sight of where you parked your stuff after you chase the kids across the sand.

Get these SOMMAR 2018 beach towels at IKEA here.

SOMMAR 2018 Picnic Basket

Get ready for adventure with this colorful picnic basket perfect for toting along all those snacks to keep your family fed while you’re exploring.

Get this SOMMAR 2018 Picnic Basket at IKEA here.

MAMMUT Indoor/Outdoor Children's Chair

Yay! A new kid's chair from IKEA that is durable enough to hang outside on the lawn all summer, and is just $14.99! It comes in blue and pink and is lightweight enough that the kids can drag it in, out and all around without a problem. And yes, there is a matching table, too!
Find yours here

KRUX LED Wall Lamp

True to IKEA form, this sleek kid's lamp invokes a giraffe in a thoroughly modern way, making it cool enough to try out in other rooms of the house, too. We're also crushing on the ambiguous-but-whimsical white version, which could be a horse, a bunny or even a dinosaur, depending on your mood. Both can be found at IKEA, are LED and less than $35.


Seasonal fruit goes royal with this gorgeous bowl fit for a queen. It screams princess party, right? And by princess party, we mean fill it up with popcorn and queue up the Disney princess marathon! Find it here

RUNNEN Decking

Astroturf, anyone? This upgraded version for 2018 will help you transform a drab little slab of concrete into a sensory pleasure zone for less than $5 a square foot. It's durable, can be hosed down after a big kid party, and it just clicks into place. Curious? Click here

LIXHULT Storage Combo

"We don't actually need storage," said no parent ever. This sweet little $75 job invokes a school locker vibe with a summer twist and will be the perfect place to stash papers and books in a hurry when you throw that impromptu shin-dig to break in your new patio set. Get yours here


Light up the summer nights and your backyard with these multicolored lights. These are the perfect accent for those family BBQs and parties and look killer strung above the faux-grass decking above.

Get these SOLVINDEN LED Lights at IKEA here.

GÅRÖ / RISÖ Standing Hammock

Who needs trees when you can freestand the hammock of your dreams. All you need is a few (dozen) books and an afternoon, the hammock will do the rest. 

Find it here


Sometimes, you just need a little whimsy in your life, even if it's breakable. Put a stuffed toy rabbit in this baby and you've got a magic-trick themed centerpiece ready for any birthday party or gathering. It also kinda has that Alice tea party thing going for it, mad hatter style. Find one near you.

LILLABO 45-Piece Train Set with Track

It's $24.99, made of wood and will last forever. What more could you want? Get it now.

SOMMAR 2018 Flatwoven Rug

Summertime means tiny barefoot feet constantly scampering in and out of the house. This woven rug is the perfect runner for a hallway entrance or outdoor deck to protect those feet (and your floors) in style.

Get this SOMMAR 2018 Rug at Ikea here.

SOMMAR 2018 Scented Candle

Enjoy the light, citrusy scents of summer (and mask that diaper pail odor) before the season even begins. Scented with passionfruit or blue dragonfruit, these candles come in a colorful metal tin.

Get this SOMMAR 2018 Candle at IKEA here.

SOMMAR 2018 Duvet Cover

Give your bedrooms a light, bright refresh with these duvet cover and pillowcase sets made with sustainably grown cotton.

Get this SOMMAR 2018 Duvet Cover at IKEA here.

What are your favorite items from the new IKEA collection? Tell us your picks in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin


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