Your kids are obsessed with everything Frozen and judging by the sheer volume of “Let It Go” covers, your family’s not alone. Take a breather from the original version and give these fun renditions a spin. Here are our five favorites. 1). Brian Hull reminds us of all the other great characters Disney that we’ve come to love with his jaw-dropping cover of Let It Go. 2). One of the first viral covers of this song. Watch these two adorable girls hit all the “right” notes. 3). Before FrozenThe Lion King was Disney’s top musical. Here, we get the best of both worlds with this stunning cover. 4). This fun, energetic cover by Jimmy Fallon and Idina Menzel (Elsa) will get your little one jiggling to the beat. 5). Watch this hilarious traffic man sing a parody of “Let It Go” to explain we should stay in during a snow day. Bonus: These two happy-go-lucky parents lip-sync to “Love is An Open Door” and their little girl is in the background, oblivious to their antics. Are you ready to “Let It Go?”  —Christal Yuen