There’s plant people and then, there’s everyone else. From houseplants to succulents to botanical bing, these gifts for gardeners and plant lovers alike will be sure to make their fellow plant nerds green with envy.

Crazy Plant Lady Mug

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. This large mug will hold all the green tea she can muster. 

Buy it now, $14

New York Botanical Garden Collection from Bloomsybox

Get your garden guru the next level in fresh flowers with Bloomsybox's handcrafted monthly subscription service, like this one inspired by the NYBG.  

Sign up today (monthly, weekly and one-time subscriptions available, from $39.99) 

Tumble and Rose Fern Necklace

This real fern has been dried and pressed delicately into this precious, sterling silver teardrop necklace. 

Ships from UK so order early, $28

photo: Princeton Architectural Press

Paper Flowers Cards & Envelopes

Based on the creations of eighteenth-century British botanical artist Mary Delany, each piece features scientifically accurate recreations of flowers including rhododendrons, water lilies, sunflowers and more. 12 cards and envelopes per set. 

Buy it now, $16.95

Succulent Pillow Trio

Not only will these look adorbs on your couch or bed, for every purchase made the Green Philosophy Co. they've partnered with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit aimed at ending hunger and poverty by helping farmers across Africa plant trees and regenerate their land. For every product sold, Green Philosophy Co is helping plant trees: so it's an epic win-win for any plant lover. 

Shop here,the trio is $99; singles are $39 and they also have Monstera for pre-order and Anthurium pillows. Don't know what that means? Your plant lover will!


Classic High Gloss Hunter Boots

Every gardener needs a pair of sturdy-but-stylish books for tromping around botanical gardens and muddy garden beds alike. We love these shiny red classics, that stand out in a sea of green. 

Shop them now, $150

Monstera Ring

This brass ring shows just how serious this plant thing is. Also available in silver. 

Buy it now,$35.70

photo: Princeton Architectural Press

The Conservatory: Gardens Under Glass

Get your hothouse flowers their fix of with this collection of beautiful glass conservatories from around the world. 

Get your copy here, $55

Micro Terrarium Set

Mini terrariums are old news: micro terrariums are where it's really at. This tiny set comes with real moss, soil, stone, and clay in a glass micro terrarium. 

Buy yours here, $24

A to Z of Houseplants Poster

From Aloe to Zebra plants, this whimsical poster lends a botanical vibe to any room.

Order today, $20

Outta Your Mind Succulent Planter

Tell the skull truth and nothing but the truth: we are obsessed with succulents and this skull planter is making us all smiles. 

Shop it now, $20

There's Like a lot of Plants in Here Doormat

You've been warned. 

Order yours here, $52

photo: Princeton Architectural Press

Cultivated: A 1000 Piece Puzzle

This 1,000-piece puzzle based on the photo art of floral designer Christin Geall will have you dreaming of your spring garden. 

Buy it now, $16.95

Tea Collection Marketplace Avocado T-Shirt

Inspired by the country of Peru, where avocados are one of the biggest crops, this adorable t-shirt will keep your kiddo warm this winter. 

Buy it here, $28.

Better Homes & Gardens Marina Ceramic Pot

Any plant lover will tell you, there's always a need for a new pot, especially a blue decorative one that comes with its own stand. 

Buy it now, $34.99

photo: IKEA

SJÄLSLIGT Decorative Cactus Set

A decorative cactus set for the bookshelf, no watering required.

Buy them here. Set of 3, $14.99

4 Tier Wooden Plant Stand

They're going to need somewhere to put all those propagated babies, right?

Shop it here, $32

photo: Princeton Architectural Press

The Story of Gardening

This gorgeous coffee table book to devour during the winter months will take you on a cultural history of famous gardens from around the world. 

Shop it now, $60

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Give the gift of green this holiday. The self-watering Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden is not only a great way to bring life into an indoor space, but you can also choose between Organic Geneovese Basil, Organic Cilantro, Non-GMO Common Mint, Organic Greek Oregano, Organic Flat Leaf Parsley and Organic Sage when purchasing.

Available at, $20

Lil Sloth Planter

Put your succulents somewhere they can take it slow with this ceramic planter from Modcloth. 

Buy it now, $16

Pink Dinosaur Planter

Do a quick search for "plants" on Etsy and abundance of choices come up, especially in the realm of quirky, adorable terrariums and planters, like this pink dinosaur planter from Plant and Color. 

Bonnie Plants Live Edible Aromatic Rosemary

Rosemary for remembrance; this 4-pack means you can gift it to even more people who will remember you fondly because of it. Culinary quality. 

Shop now on Walmart, $41 for 4 plants 

Succulent Socks

There's no arguing with a person who loves succulents! This five pack of crew socks make a great stocking stuffer or gift topper for the plant lover in your life.

Available at, $8.99

photo: IKEA

INVÄNDIG Artificial Terrarium Dome

For that spot where things just won't grow but you need a little chic greenery anyway.  

Get one here. $5.99

Ficus Lyrata Live Plant

You can find a  ton of legit, well-priced houseplants on Etsy. We love this like a gorgeous fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) from Plant Crafting Co.  

Get it here, $29.99

photo: MyGardyn

Gardyn Explorer

This year everyone has found themselves homebound, so it's the perfect time to grow your own garden! When you gift a Gardyn, recipients will be able to choose what type of product they want to grow (every plant is the same price plus its free shipping!), plant, then let your smart assistant Kelby do the growing! 

Available at, starting at $37 a month

photo: IKEA

Ivory and Gold Watering Can

Say goodbye to ugly plastic watering cans and say hello to this chic one instead. We love the fact that it's made of galvanized metal to prevent rusting and that you can leave it out after your chores are done! 

Buy it here, $9.99. 

Live Plant Set

A set of live snake plants is perfect for anyone with a green thumb. Each one comes in its own pastel-hued pot. 

Buy the set here, $6.99.

photo: IKEA

Fern & Flowers Decal

Bring the indoors in with this charming decal set that will appeal to kids and adults alike. 

Buy it here, $9.99.

photo: IKEA

Indoor/Outdoor Greenhouse

The whole family can enjoy this indoor/outdoor greenhouse! Use it to start seedlings, grow herbs, or use as live decor. 

Buy it here, $19.99.

—Amber Guetebier



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