Maybe it’s the fact that our six year olds are actually in school and out of the house most of the day (woohoo!), but we’re really excited about our school age kids and all of the amazing toys that they can enjoy. From custom forts to fun memory games, we have a feeling that the school age kiddos in our life won’t be lacking for any sweet toys come the holidays.

Custom Fort
If you’re tired of your fort-crazy kids dismantling your sofas and robbing the closets of your linens, we’ve got the perfect gift for you (and them!). Say hello to custom forts by Habitadule, which comes with 16 giant panels and 64 connectors. Your kids can build their own custom play houses and forts to their hearts content without rendering your living room useless.
Cost: $99
Online: Click here for more.  

Spot It
Your kids will love this game that tests their memory and visual perception skills. Spot It comes in a variety of themes, and all are packaged in a compact carrying case for easy transport. We’re warning you though that you’ll enjoy this game as much as your children — maybe even more!
Cost: $12

Wood Mobiel Starter Kit
With this super awesome DIY kit, kiddos can built nine different life-size toys. From wagons to seats to tricycles (woohoo!), this set gives your kid everything she needs to stimulate her imagination and creativity.
Cost: $165

eeBoo Obstacle Game
Your kids will use their imagination and tools they’re dealt in this exciting game of creativity and fun.
Cost: $17

Space Pod Kit
Makedo’s creation kits are high up there when it comes to kids toys we only wish we had when we were growing up. Seriously, these things are awesome. This particular kit, which allows kids to build their own space pods, is especially cool because it totally nurtures creative thinking (and comes with a kid-friendly plastic safe saw for easy hole punches). The parts are even reusable so you can create a different type of space pod for hours of fun. Pssst…if your kids are under seven years old, they’ll need grown-up help putting the pieces together.
Cost: $20

Plasma Car:
We love this durable blue plasma car because it requires no batteries, only kid-power (and if your kids are anything like ours they never lack any energy). Made out of high quality plastics, this car can rev-up to astounding kid-friendly speeds…6MPH.
Cost: $70

Are your kids ready to be addicted to something other than the iPad? Enter this stylish and fun Kendama, a wooden skill toy that originates in Japan. Made out of only the best Beech wood, the Kendama strengthens hand-eye coordination and reflex.
Cost: $25

Kids Acoustic Guitar
Ok, we know that toys that make loud sounds aren’t always a favorite of us parents who just want a minute of quiet but…this acoustic guitar is so cool we couldn’t resist including it. The guitar spans 30″ and boasts nylon strings, ideal for little kid fingers.
Cost: $60

Spider Man Mega Blast Web Shooter and Glove
Got a super hero fanatic on your hands? Dish out this Spider Man web shooter and glove, which will surely please her. Your kiddo can either shoot water or a special Spider Man fluid that’s included.
Cost: $16

LeapFrog Solar System Adventure Pack
Let your kiddo explore their inner space scientist with this sweet six foot, two-sided interactive map. This pack features more than 40 activities, all designed to build reading skills and of course, learn fun facts about our solar system!
Cost: $14

Disney Princess Digital Camera
If you’ve found it impossible to pry your iPhone out of your kids hands, you might want to give them their own digital camera this year. We love the Disney Princess point-and-shoot because it’s just like the real thing (LCD screen, USB capability) without the exorbitant cost of a real camera.
Cost: $30

Book Print T-Shirts
Boy, is the inner book worm in us glad that Out of Print Clothing makes these too-cute tees in adult sizes too. From “Corduroy” to “Stuart Little,” you’re sure to find a printed tee that you and your kids will love.
Cost: $22

Restoration Hardware Pedal Car
If you’re looking for a splurge-worthy gift this year, look no further than Restoration Hardware’s blue pedal car. With rubber tires, a wood steering wheel, and a pedal inspired by a 1930s Bugatti racecar, this car is built for fun.
Cost: $229

Mad Libs
This classic word game never gets old. Play with your kiddos and we guarantee hours of laughs.
Cost: $4

Mexican Train Dominoes
Get your kiddos started on a classic game. We’re partial to Mexican Train dominoes, which our Managing Editor religiously plays (both with her girlfriend and the kindergarteners in her life). We love this set because the markings on the dominoes are colorful and it comes in an easy-to-carry tin. A special thanks to Covet C for suggesting dominoes on our Facebook page. 
Cost: $20

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Let us know your fave holiday gifts for the school-age kiddos in your life in the comment section below!