Whether it’s allergies or cavities, there are loads of reasons you might want to pass out something inedible on Halloween night. We’ve found toys that are perfect for teal pumpkin houses or as a respite from all those sugary treats. From spooky skeleton paratroopers to extra-fancy spider rings, check out our 16 fave goodies that aren’t candy.

Wonderful WikkiStix

WikkiStix are bendable yarn-and-wax sticks that can be used for all kinds of creations. Pick up a bunch of WikkiStix Trick or Treat Packs to pass out at Halloween—they're individually wrapped, so it's a no-fuss option. Each pack includes eight bendy black-and-orange stix and an activity sheet with project ideas.

Available at amazon.com, $19.11 for 50.

Creepy Kazoos

Trick or treaters will make monstrous music with these festive, patterned kazoos. Pick up a few packs to outfit all the musically inclined kiddos in your neighborhood.

Available at target.com, $1.00 for 6.

Soaring Spiderwebs and Skeletons

Flying skeletons and soaring bats adorn Fun Express's Halloween Foam Gliders, individually packaged so it's easy to pass them out no matter how many princesses and pirates storm your doorstep. Kids can assemble these fun candy alternatives themselves. Plus, they're fun to fly inside or outside.

Available at amazon.com, $9.09 for 48.

A Skeleton Army

Watch out for this bone-chilling arm of Skeleton Paratroopers. Rubber skeletons come attached to plastic parachutes, all wrapped up in a bundle you can plop in trick-or-treat bags on Halloween night.

Available at partycity.com, $5.00 for 10.

Bright Bubbles

Little bubble sticks topped with owls, pumpkins, and cats will put a smile on the faces of even the scariest zombies out on Halloween night. More delight than fright, Target's bubbles come in packs of 24, making them a super-affordable candy alternative.

Available at target.com, $3.00 for 24.

Sparkling Spider Rings

These Gem Spider Rings are an upgrade to the plain plastic black spider rings from Halloweens past. They make for a fancy, frightening favor that even the most discerning witch will appreciate.

Available at partycity.com, $5.00 for 15.

Tattoo You

A mega-pack of temporary tattoos—all Halloween-themed, and half glow-in-the-dark—will fill up your bowl of Halloween goodies. These non-toxic tattoos arrive already cut into individual squares, so they're ready to share with trick-or-treaters.

Available at amazon.com, $7.99 for 150.

Googly-Eyed Pumpkins

Pass out perfect Pumpkin Bookmarks this Halloween. These googly-eyed goodies will keep track of each mini-monsters' page in their frightening good books all the way to the new year.

Available at partycity.com, $2.00 for 12.

Play Doh

Play-Doh's Halloween bag includes 15 packs of seasonal colors—including green, purple, black and orange—in mini-containers that are just the right size for Halloween goodie bags. It's a perfect treat for crafty witches, superheroes and kitty cats.

Available at partycity.com, $8.00 for 15.

Bouncy (Eye)ball

Check out these super-spooky bouncy balls in red and purple that come in packs of ten, ready to share (or scare!) ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. They glow in the dark, too, making them an extra fun Halloween toy.

Available at michaels.com, $3 for 10.

Mini Flashlights

Give trick-or-treaters the power to light up the night—and safely get down the block—with these Mini Halloween Flashlights from Oriental Trading Company. Each one comes on a 30" string that kids can wear around their neck, and the pumpkin pattern makes for a fun and festive touch.

Available at orientaltrading.com, $7.49 per dozen.

Glowing Bones

Sunlight gives these rubber skeletons the power to glow green come nightfall. Pick up a pack of 48 Mini Sticky Tumbling Skeletons for an extra-fun Halloween handout.

Available at orientaltrading.com, $2.98 for 48.

Witchy Erasers

Trick-or-treaters will love these brightly colored witch hat pencil top erasers that fit any #2 pencil. Each order of 24 includes bright green, purple, and classic black witch hats. Hocus-pocus!

Available at orientaltrading.com, from $4.97 for 24.

Jack-o-Lantern Stickers

Share a portable, pocket-sized pumpkin with each kiddo who rings your doorbell. These sticker sheets include eyes, noses, and smiles so that kids can create a jack-o-lantern without scooping out any gloppy pumpkin guts. Each order includes 12 sticker sheets.

Available at amazon.com, $4.54.


Toys for trick-or-treaters don't have to be covered with pumpkins. If you're looking for something fun that'll last beyond turkey day, check out Oriental Trading Company's Bright Mini Puzzle Cubes. They make for a unique non-candy option, one that kids will play with long after they've gobbled up their favorite candy.

Available at orientaltrading.com, $9.99 for 12.

Spooky Skeleton Pens

If your Halloween style leans more toward spooky than silly, Target's Skeleton Hand Pens will fit right in. Monsters of all sizes will get a thrill from scribbling notes with these extra-eerie goodies.

Available at target.com, $3.00 for 5.

— Oz Spies



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