Preschoolers grow and change faster than you can blink an eye. Get the most out of this amazing stage with holiday gifts that’ll keep them engaged and excited. From brand-new toys for kids that encourage imagination to gifts that keep on giving beyond the holiday season, scroll down for gift ideas that will have your kiddos bouncing from engineer to artist and back again.

Uncommon Goods Robot Domino Building Set

This domino set has a robot theme and comes with over 120 pieces to set up in different configurations that'll help kids learn about energy, machines and problem solving.

Order it here, $50.

Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Monster Glow Lab

Inspired by chemistry and biology, this working Beaker Creatures lab has almost 20 different experiments for kids. It also comes with two glow-in-the-dark Beaker Creature Reactor Pods.

Buy it here, $24.99.

Super Tidy Wooden Counting Beans & Chopstick Set

Counting becomes a fun game when you do it with colorful beans and chopsticks. Kids will hone fine-motor skills as well as learn math with this chic set.

Buy it here, $40.

Craft-tastic Make a Fox Friend

Budding sewers can make a fox friend with this kit from Craft-tastic. They'll get everything they need to make the stuffie and enough material for another eight accessories.

Get a kit here, $38.95.

Hearthsong Giant Kick Croquet Game

Take croquet to the next level by adding a kickball twist! Parents can make the course as easy or as challenging as they want, and it'll get kids outside on good weather days.

Buy it here, $34.98.

The Rabbit Hole Theater in a Box

A beautiful collection from a San Francisco theater company, you can choose from three different themes, and kids will get an entire kit (think curtain, props, backdrops and more) to create a play right at home.

Order one here, $150. 

Mindware Dig It Up! Dino Skeletons

Always fun for dino lovers, this 12-pack of eggs comes with a chiseling tool, a hammer and an excavation guide for kids.

Buy it here, $25.95.

Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay

Perfect for making little creatures, animals or whatever their heart's desire, this clay will dry in around five hours, and there's no oven needed!

Buy it here, $26.15.

KiwiCo Metamorphosing Butterfly

Half plushie, half STEM lesson, this brand-new kit from KiwiCo explores the life cycle of a butterfly. Play a matching game and learn about various forms of moths and butterfly species, and as an added bonus, the plushie transforms from caterpillar to butterfly.

Buy it here, $29.95.


These storage boxes are both a kid and a parent's dream. Kids can use the top for building LEGO creations and parents can stash away any clutter below.

Buy them here, $9.99. 

Piccolina Kids RBG T-Shirt

As part of Piccolina's trailblazer collection, choose from American heroes like Rosa Parks, RBG and more.

Buy it here, $28.

The Big Dig Sandbox Digger

This steel outdoor toy can pick up sand, gravel and even snow. With a 360 rotating action, it's perfect for kids who want to move mountains.

Buy it here, $40.79.

Habbi Habbi Reading Wand and Bilingual Books

Get kids familiarized with another language with this unique collection of stories. Readers tap books with a wand to learn words and phrases in Spanish or Chinese.

Order it here, $109.

Mindware Junior Inventor Workbench

Busy kids will have a blast with this workbench. It has a digger, gravity vehicle, wind maker and a rotating light that helps kids construct up to 15 STEM projects.

Order one here, $119.95

Skyrocket Rainbow Sparkle Surprise (Series 1)

Add water to watch this limited-edition set of Blume collectible dolls grow! Which ones will blossom for your kiddo? There are 25 surprises, which include stickers, accessories and more.

Buy it here, $19.99.

Micro Machines Super Van City

This super van opens up to a play set that includes 20 action zones (think fire station, car wash, airport and moving drawbridge) and 12 Micro Machines!

Buy it here, $59.99.

KidKraft Designed By Me Dollhouse

Budding architects and design pros can make this dollhouse look exactly the way they want to. You'll also get 20 pieces of furniture and five markers for coloring!

Buy it here, $69.99.

Star Wars: The Child 8” Basic Plush

Your preschooler will love to cuddle up with this plush eight-inch version of The Child (That's Baby Yoda to you!).

Buy it here, $18.73.

Playmobil Hospital

Celebrate the heroes on the frontline of COVID-19 with this adorable hospital. The tiny details include things like an illuminated wall monitor, medical charts and even a mini IV pole.

Buy it here, $142.02

Banana Panda Space Observation Puzzle

This unique puzzle challenges your preschoolers in two ways. First, they have to puzzle together 60 pieces to build a space scene, then they have to use their observation skills to find the images hidden within the picture.

Buy it here, $18.99.

OSMO Little Genius Kit

OSMO has a kit designed just for preschoolers. The OSMO Little Genius Kit lets kids get creative with physical objects that will then appear on a connected tablet, with which they can engage in a whole new way. The kit comes packed with four games that help teach letters, pre-reading skills, critical thinking, problem solving and so much more.

Buy it here, $79.99.

LEGO City Central Airport

Designed with younger builders in mind, not only do you get a terminal, baggage truck and fuel tanker with this new LEGO set, but kids can also load and unload the charter plane with passengers and a pilot. Part of the LEGO City series, it's the perfect way to ease back into vacation mode. 

Buy it here, $59.99.


KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen

With this 18-piece play kitchen, kids can tend to carrots and onions before chopping and cooking them up. It even has accompanying sounds like slicing, sizzling and running water in the farmhouse sink. The freezer even dispenses play ice cubes!

Buy it here, $155.78.

Mobo Explorer Balance Bike

Balance bikes can help young riders work on balance and agility and fine-tune their motor skills. The adjustable seat accommodates kids ages two to six, giving your little racers plenty of time to learn at their own pace. It is also equipped with an integrated footrest and never-flat tires making it easier and safer for your tykes to cruise around in style.

Buy it here, $89.

—Gabby Cullen with Shahrzad Warkentin



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