What puts a twinkle in a kid’s eyes? Seeing holiday lights. From a brilliant Loch Ness Monster in D.C. to a classic Candy Cane Lane in Seattle, we rounded up the country’s coolest light displays. Flip through our photo album to see it all and get in the spirit.

Hampden Christmas Street Holiday Show – Baltimore, Maryland

Dubbed “The Miracle of 34th Street,” this isn’t the Natalie Wood Christmas movie, but an entire block along West 34th Street in Baltimore where residents spend weeks setting up elaborate light displays in windows, along rooftops and on their porches. Highlights of the street include a nativity scene, Ravens football blow-ups, a hubcap tree and a beer-themed display featuring the recognizable Mr. Boh and his wife, Utz Girl. For more info, click here.

Photo: MIchael Bentley on Flickr creative commons

Cover photo: Osborne Family Lights Festival via HarshLight on Flickr creative commons