Forget hiking through wildflowers or exploring ocean shores. When it comes to outdoor expeditions, your sidekick prefers sledding, snowshoeing, and wandering desert dunes. This winter, find your land of adventure at a National Park during the Park Service’s 100th year. Flip through our faves to find yours!

Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens, Washington, D.C.

Bundle up and bring the binocs, it’s time to spot some wildlife at Kenilworth Park. The songbirds may have headed south, but hearty raptors and blue herons are still out and about, ready to be caught on film during a winter boardwalk stroll. You can also spot deer and foxes roaming the grounds if you take the short River Trail hike. It’s a wild, wild world to explore!


photo: M. Marquez from Kenilworth’s website

Psst…if you can’t make it to a National Park this winter, no problem. Watching National Parks Adventure on your local museum’s IMAX screen should do the trick. It’s a virtual visit you won’t soon forget!

Do you have a favorite National Park to visit in winter? Tell us about it in a Comment. 

—Allison Sutcliffe